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    Professor Pan Chun and his party went to Lanxi, Jinhua, to study and exchange in 3 cities.

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    In order to promote the development of ag体育 care services for the elderly, innovate the training mode of ag体育 care service professionals, and do a good job in the integration of production and education. In December 30th, Professor Pan Chun, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of the Department of ag体育 service of Career Academy in Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 department, Professor Guiping, Professor of nursing department, and professional leader of Kang Kang management, went to Jinhua Lanxi Sports Center for investigation and communication, and received Baicheng Kang in 3. Mou Lina, Baicheng Kang Yang (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of the company, founder of Baicheng Kang Yang (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd., director of human resources, Xu Sheng Yu, Baicheng Kang Yang company, Jinhua Lanxi project personnel director, Xiao Yan, and so on.

    Pan Chun and his 3 party first visited the Lanxi exhibition hall of Jinhua Kang Yang project, the Baicheng Concord apartment, the recreation and sports center and the Lanxi Baicheng hospital, and understood the construction and operation of the project in detail.

    Subsequently, the two sides held a small forum. At the meeting, Mou Lina introduced the construction and operation of Baicheng group national ag体育 care project. Lou Xiaoyan explained the construction and operation of Jinhua Lanxi fitness center project. Pan Chun exchanged views on the orientation of the college and the professional development of the ag体育 service department, and the development of nursing profession in Guiping.

    Finally, the two sides discussed in depth the training mode of ag体育 care services and nursing professionals, the training of students' comprehensive abilities, student internships, and recommended employment in the Yangtze River Delta or Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. All of them expressed the hope that the cooperation agreement could be established as soon as possible, and together to create a compound ag体育 care service for the elderly, which would help to integrate the national wars in ag体育y China, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Slightly.

    Jinhua Lanxi sports center is a ag体育 care construction project of Baicheng Concord joint stock company. The completion of the project has created a precedent for the integration of medical treatment and ag体育 care in Lanxi. Since its operation, the project has successfully created an environment for the elderly in the Yangtze River Delta region for a year, and is committed to expanding the filial piety and caring for the elderly. Integration platform, to create more beautiful and beautiful home for more elderly groups.

    (contribution: Mao Huifang / Editor: Sun Li Mo / audit: Pan Chun)