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    The security office organized a fire prevention thematic class meeting.

    Edit date: 2020-01-06 editor: reading number of security department: second

    In order to strengthen the fire safety education in winter and ensure the safety of the college, in from December 16 to 31, 2019, the Defense Department organized nursing department, medical department and ag体育 service counselors to carry out the fire disaster thematic class meeting in the whole class, focusing on the important nodes such as Christmas and new year's day. The theme class meeting includes: prohibiting high-power electrical appliances, prohibiting private pulling wires and fire safety knowledge. We should publicize the principles of using electricity safely and setting off fireag体育s and firecrackers, popularize fire safety knowledge and skills, and create a strong atmosphere for fire safety. Let students deeply understand the importance of fire prevention and control, and urge all counselors to strengthen the investigation of the safety of students' dormitories and the use of fire, do a good job in related ag体育, ensure zero accidents, safeguard the safety and stability of colleges, and build a safe campus.

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