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    Health service department general Party branch convene online party members Conference

    Edit date: 2020-04-14 editor: Readings: second

    In April 14th, the general Party branch of ag体育 service held all the party members' meetings through video. Guo Yan, Secretary of the party general branch, chaired the meeting. The meeting stressed that the party ag体育 can be carried out in a netag体育 way during the epidemic period. The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention has entered a new stage. The branches should actively implement the ag体育 of Party building, do a good job in guiding and teaching the ag体育 of Party building, and ensure the implementation of all tasks.

    Professor Pan Chun, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of the general assembly, gave a detailed explanation to all the party members about the construction of the ag体育 care service specialty group under the double high background. Pan Chun refers to the emergence of a large number of skilled, applied and compound talents in the society. We should cultivate students into the talents that the society needs, and serve as teachers of ag体育 services and basic subjects. In particular, the new teachers should strengthen their study, improve their professional skills, actively participate in the innovation team building, and participate in professional construction and scientific research activities.

    Chen Jinghua, Secretary of the second party branch, gave a lecture on the theme of "epidemic prevention and control, exemplary practice and initial mission". Chen Jinghua said that the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia was threatening. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the people of the whole country were united in one heart and one mind and joined forces to fight the epidemic prevention and control. After more than two months' efforts, the epidemic situation was basically controlled, and the people returned to normal life. The war "epidemic" highlights the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and demonstrates the strength of unity and progress in Chinese traditional culture. China will also make greater contributions to the people of the world.

    Through this meeting of all the party members, the ag体育 of Party building and business has been further integrated, and the cohesion and combat effectiveness of all Party members have been enhanced. We say that as a party member in the new era, as a people's teacher, we should not only do our job well and serve the people well, but also inherit and carry forward the spirit of our party's hard struggle, study and dream ahead, and strive for the cause of the party.

    (contribution: ag体育 service department general Party branch / Editor: Wang Yuqin / audit: Guo Yan)