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    The Department of Medicine held a special lecture on "stabilizing the scale, strengthening the connotation, creating two high level characteristic professional groups and teachers' teaching innovation team".

    Edit date: 2020-05-12 editor: Readings: second

    In order to strengthen the connotation construction of medical departments, enhance the level of professional construction and serve the economic and social development capacity of Anhui, we will contribute to the construction of a better Anhui, ensure the ag体育 of the grassroots people, and train ag体育 professionals who can "live, stay and use". In order to unify thoughts, raise awareness and clarify ideas, on the afternoon of the semester, Professor Pan Chun, deputy director of the Department of Medicine held a lecture on "stabilizing the scale, intending to create two high level special professional groups and teaching innovation teams" in the 322 classroom in May 11th.


    Pan Chun, focusing on the requirements of the school's "stable scale, characteristics, strong connotation and tree benchmarking", combined with the actual situation of our department, gave a brief explanation on how to create a high level clinical medicine, medical technology specialty group and teacher teaching innovation team in two aspects.

    Pan Chun pointed out that the teaching team was not brought up and brought out. Each professional leader should formulate professional development plan, personnel training plan, teaching team planning, laboratory training room planning, lay a solid foundation for creating a high level professional (or professional group) and create a teacher's teaching innovation team. Leaders of various professional leaders and directors of teaching and research section should be the designers of professional development, builders of teaching resources, leaders of teaching and scientific research, and professional teachers. Demonstrator of teaching innovation team. Teachers should use problems as guidance to declare various teaching and research projects, butt in the industrial chain, post chain, talent chain, innovation chain, ag体育 study combination, solve problems encountered in the process of running schools, and give full play to the functions of colleges and universities in serving local economic and social development.

    Pan Chun pointed out that the four majors of the medical department should build two major groups of clinical medicine and medical technology based on four principles, namely, similar fields of technology, professional posts, professional foundation and teaching resources sharing. The clinical medicine professional group takes the general practitioners' "good treatment of minor ailments, good illness, good knowledge, slow disease and good management" and "good illness and good transformation" as the training target of rural doctors. Around the five modules of public ag体育 service, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, frequently occurring diseases, chronic disease management, general emergency and Chinese medicine knowledge, the training program for clinical doctors of rural doctors is revised, and loose leaf or school-based teaching materials are compiled. Form a rural doctor training standard, create a high level clinical medicine professional group; strengthen the learning and research, standardize the basic teaching organization and basic teaching activities standardization construction and demonstration creation, change the educational concept and teaching mode, explore modular teaching, take the 1+X skill level certificate examination, and obtain the number of X certificates for professional students not less than 60%. We should gradually implement curriculum credit recognition, accumulation and transformation, and create a high level professional medical technology professional group.

    Pan Chun finally stressed the need to strengthen the Department's education, teaching and evaluation system, and make the operation of the system become a mechanism. The mechanism has continued to become a capability, the ability to sublime into culture, and cultural consciousness into action, laying a solid foundation for our high level characteristic professional group and teachers' teaching innovation team.

    (contribution: medical department / Editor: Gui Liang / review: Pan Chun)