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    The college organized a major safety check before the spring semester.

    Edit date: 2020-05-15 editor: Zhang Xian reading frequency: second

    In order to implement the requirements of safety production, we should ensure safety supervision before returning to school in spring, and ensure the smooth development of ag体育 Students' return to school. In the morning of May 15th, the college organized the general inspection of safety in production and the investigation of hidden dangers in key parts. Party secretary Xie Ruijin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice president Zhang Hong, discipline inspection Secretary Jiang Xifu, inspector Fan Youhua participated in the inspection.

    This inspection focuses on the key safety check of the college canteens, boiled water rooms, distribution rooms, student dormitories, affiliated hospitals, teaching buildings, laboratory buildings and doormen security. The contents of the inspection mainly include whether the epidemic prevention and control ag体育 is in place, whether the students return to school is perfect or not. A total of 87 people participated in the examination, including the security office, the general affairs office, the student affairs office, the academic affairs office, the supervision office, the personnel department, the graphic information center, the experimental training center, the medical management office, the three Department (nursing department, the ag体育 service department, the medical department), the basic department, the ideological and political department and the training department. After the inspection teams gathered the questions, the leaders of the college asked for timely rectification and implementation of the inspection questions to ensure that the students returned to school in spring.


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