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    Eliminate hidden dangers -- General Affairs Office

    Edit date: 2020-06-08 editor: Chen Jiahao read times: second

    In order to further prevent and control campus epidemics, strengthen campus safety and protect the ag体育 and safety of teachers and students, the general office recently set up a reform plan for the hidden dangers identified by the previous hospital leaders when inspecting the campus.

    The general office overcame all difficulties and fully coordinated the construction of the Institute without digging machines. Eventually, a digging machine was leased at the site of the water conservancy project construction site to excavate the "stepping stone" of the fence on the east side of the college, and the stepping stone of the climbing wall was successfully removed. In order to maximize civilized construction and ensure the safety of teachers and students, a safety enclosure is set up within the scope of construction.

    The construction of the "stepping stone" on the eastern side of the campus has not only strengthened campus safety, but also eliminated the hidden danger of campus safety.

    (contribution: Wang Liangjun / Editor: Chen Jiahao / audit: Zhang Xin Ke)