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    Our campus maintenance center was formally established.

    Edit date: 2020-06-11 editor: Chen Jiahao read times: second

    In order to do a good job in logistics support services, and effectively solve the problems of quality and efficiency of campus water and electricity, buildings, office facilities and equipment maintenance, and improve the satisfaction of teachers and students, the college set up a campus maintenance center and put it on sale in June 8th.

    The establishment of campus maintenance center is an important measure for the general affairs office to improve the level of property management, enhance the support ag体育 and serve the teachers and students. In order to provide convenience for the teachers and students, all the staff in the campus maintenance center accept the service requirements such as user repair, etc., and the general affairs office tracks the effect of the management service and acts as the basis for the assessment of the property.

    The campus maintenance center mainly provides emergency maintenance, school water conservancy and other infrastructure maintenance and other convenient services. All teachers and students in the college can make repairs through telephone repair, registration and repair, and nail repair. The campus maintenance center promises to arrive at the scene within 1 hours after receiving the repair. The emergency maintenance will not take place overnight, the minor repairs should not exceed 24 hours, and the overhaul will not exceed 72 hours.

    The repair and complaint telephone of campus maintenance center is announced as follows:

    1, telephone repair: 0566-2569584; complaint telephone: 0566-3388856;

    2. Registration and repair: register in the duty rooms of all dormitory buildings.

    3, nail repair: nail platform repair - repair center to receive repair - after the repair, the repair person agrees to confirm after acceptance.

    (contribution: Wang Liangjun / Editor: Chen Jiahao / audit: Zhang Xin Ke)