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    The ag体育 held a revision Seminar on rural doctors orientation training program

    Edit date: 2020-06-18 editor: Readings: second

    On the morning of June 18, 2020, the Academic Affairs Office held a seminar on the training of rural doctors' orientation class in conjunction with the medical department. The meeting was presided over by Pan Chun, deputy director of the administrative department of the medical department. The director of the dean's office, Chen Xiaoling, Secretary of the Party branch of the medical department, Qian Ling, and the relevant teachers of the dean's office, the Department of medicine and the relevant teachers of the clinical medical teaching and research section attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, pan Chun reported on the background and current situation of the rural doctors orientation class. Cai Changming, the professional leader, explained the changes in the revised curriculum. Chen Xiaoling analyzed the essentials of the revision, and the participants discussed it in depth and reached a consensus. The meeting pointed out the direction for subsequent revisions.

    (photo: Yang Chunxiang / Editor: Zhang Yu Quan / audit: Chen Xiaoling)