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    Professor Pan Chun gives a party lecture to all the members of the medical department

    Editing date: June 19, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the national ag体育 and ag体育 conference, and in combination with the ag体育 and ag体育 characteristics of the college, we should realize the double integration, promotion and improvement of Party building and business. On the morning of June 19, Professor Pan Chun, deputy secretary and deputy director of the general Party branch of the medical department, gave a party lesson with the theme of "sports and ag体育" for all members of the medical department. The party class was presided over by Qian Ling, Secretary of the general Party branch of the medical department.

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    Pan Chun explained the policy background of ag体育y China, the definition of ag体育, the four major factors affecting ag体育, the positioning and development status of China's ag体育 undertakings and Chizhou City's ag体育y city. He stressed that the Department teachers should earnestly perform their duties and missions of social service, give full play to the advantages of ag体育 and ag体育 characteristics, and actively apply for local big ag体育 topics based on problems To cultivate a large number of high-quality and high skilled ag体育 professionals for Anhui and Chizhou, actively participate in the construction of ag体育y China, beautiful Anhui and Chizhou ag体育y city, promote the faster and better development of ag体育y Chizhou, and practice the party building brand of "fine medicine casting soul, ag体育y you and me".

    (contributed by: Wang Ling / Editor: Gui Liang / checked by: Qian Ling and pan Chun)