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    The general branch of the nursing department launched a series of special activities to "fight the epidemic situation and refuel the motherland".

    Edit date: 2020-06-22 editor: Readings: second

    Youth is promising and the age bears responsibility. Against the background of the nationwide fight against epidemic situation, in order to further stimulate the responsibility of our students, we must resolutely win the people's war of epidemic prevention and control, further promote patriotism education, respond to the call of the ag体育 Youth League Committee, and carry out a series of special activities of the general branch of nursing department and student union. Since its launching in June 1, 2020, it has received positive support from teachers and students of the whole department.

    This event takes full account of the students who are not returning to the nursing department, and applies the online nail platform to the "cloud" mode. First, "anti epidemic, recommended bibliography". Organize the students to combine bibliography recommendation with the current epidemic situation, and carry out a push form based on one way in the branches of the regiment, encourage students to study hard during the epidemic period, increase their knowledge and improve their reading ability; the two is the "joint epidemic prevention and patriotic action" Internet ag体育s collection. At the present stage of home life, education guides students to "self-discipline, self-care, self-study". They use "reading, writing, photographing, painting and creating" to cheer each other up, share experiences and tell good stories, providing a platform for students to show their Sinology and express patriotic enthusiasm. Three, we should appeal to the vast number of nursing students, consciously play the exemplary role of the league members, find typical examples around them, and learn the avant-garde models. Fan, I am a student in high school nursing class 1907, Zhang Feifei, because of the excellent performance in the epidemic prevention and control by the local Party committee and government.

    At the same time, in view of the school students, through the following discussion, handwriting and other activities, we have concentrated on the spiritual outlook of the new age college students who care about current affairs and the society. They have written the ideological realm of the young people's love for the motherland in the new era, and expressed the new era of nursing students' feelings. The "positive energy of nursing".

    (contribution: Zhang Hao Ran / Editor: Shen Yong Gang / audit: Wang Xude)