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    Health services call for open eye and optometry professional construction conference

    Edit date: 2020-06-23 editor: Readings: second

    In June 22, 2020, the ag体育 service department held the Specialized Committee conference and professional construction seminar in the conference room of the college. Zhu Yinlong, director of the Department of personnel, director of the Department of education, Chen Xiaoling, director of ag体育 service department Fang Longshan and deputy director Chen Yufei attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the general secretary of the Party branch of the Department of ag体育 service and Professor Guiping, head of Ophthalmology and optical technology.

    Our hospital has invited CEO Wang Chuanyin, the dean of the Anhui eye, Huang Zhiqiang, the director of Chizhou's AI business, Chen Xianglei, the director of science and education department, Tong Xiaolu, director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Tongling, Wang Liyong, director of the Department of optometry, Zhao Xiangyu, director of the Department of human resources, and the director of Human Resources Department of Chizhou. Construction discussion.

    Experts have directed the training of Ophthalmology and optical technology talents, and put forward rationalization proposals in the light of the actual situation of colleges and universities in terms of professional orientation, characteristics of running schools, vocational ability, curriculum setting, internship and employment, teacher training and target construction.

    (contribution: Health Services Department / Editor: Chen Yufei / audit: Guiping)