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    Keep the original mind, take root in grass roots posts, undertake the mission, and cultivate suitable talents

    Editing date: July 16, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    In order to further promote the integration of production and teaching, ag体育 and study integration, implement the targeted training ag体育 of rural doctors, accurately and scientifically formulate talent training programs, innovate the new mode of rural doctors' directional training, and earnestly fulfill the original intention and mission of colleges and universities, and establish the training center for rural doctors in Anhui Province. From July 13 to 14, 2020, Professor Pan Chun, deputy director and Secretary General of the academic committee and administrative director of the medical department of the college, visited two counties and cities under the jurisdiction of Xuancheng City, and held a number of seminars on the revision of rural doctors' targeted training scheme, so as to understand the knowledge and skills required for rural doctors' posts in a multidimensional and comprehensive way. Leaders of clinical medicine, director of clinical medicine teaching and research section, relevant comrades of Academic Affairs Office and medical department participated in the investigation.

    Pan Chun and his party first visited Xuancheng Health Commission. Zhao fan and she dunyu, deputy directors of Xuancheng Health Commission, warmly welcomed pan Chun and his party. She dunyu briefly introduced the current situation, existing problems and Countermeasures of rural doctors in Xuancheng City, and put forward her own opinions and suggestions on the enrollment and enrollment of rural doctors in this year.

    After that, pan Chun and his party went to Shizi village and Lichun village of cross town of Langxi County and Shanmen village and Xicun village of Gangkou town of Ningguo City in the rain to conduct field visits and investigations. Everywhere they went, pan Chun and his entourage had a cordial conversation with village doctors. They inquired in detail about the hardware and software construction of village clinics, the number of rural doctors, their professional qualifications, epidemic prevention and control, drug distribution, on-the-job training and signing contracts with family doctors, basic public ag体育 services, and the development of appropriate technologies for traditional Chinese medicine.

    On the afternoon of July 13 and the morning of 14, pan Chun and his party also held a forum on directional training of rural doctors in Langxi County and Ningguo Municipal Health Committee respectively. At the meeting, everyone spoke freely and had an in-depth exchange on the issues of targeted enrollment, training, internship, job responsibilities and on-the-job training of rural doctors. Jiang Shenglin, deputy county magistrate of Langxi County, Li Jun, secretary and director of the Party group of Langxi County Health Commission, Tong Xingwang, member of the Party group and deputy director, Jiang zhoubin, secretary and director of the Party group of Ningguo Health Commission, Wang Zongbing, member of the Party committee and deputy director, as well as relevant department heads of the two county and municipal ag体育 committees, presidents of township hospitals and representatives of rural doctors attended the corresponding exchange seminars. The research group also conducted a questionnaire survey on the training and career development of rural doctors.

    Through the field visit and investigation, the college further clarified the specifications and objectives of rural doctors' directional training, which created conditions for the formulation of talent training programs and curriculum standards, the development of modular teaching, the innovation of teaching mode, the implementation of the "three teaching" reform and on-the-job training, and the establishment of Anhui rural doctor training and training center In the new era, the ag体育y "gatekeeper" of "shangnengdevelopment" has laid a solid foundation for the national strategy of well weaving grass-roots public ag体育 protection netag体育 and serving ag体育y Anhui and Rural Revitalization.

    (contributed by: Department of Medicine / Editor: Gui Liang / checked by: Qian Ling and pan Chun)

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