Young students of nursing department actively participate in flood control and flood fighting


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    Young students of nursing department actively participate in flood control and flood fighting

    2008-08-2020 editorial date: second

    Since July, affected by continuous heavy rainfall in many places in Anhui Province, the water level has risen rapidly, and the flood control situation is very serious. The nursing students in our hospital responded positively to the call of the school and hometown and joined the front line of flood control.

    Wu Wenli, a student of class 1904 of nursing college, lives in Shitou Town, Lujiang County, Hefei City, Anhui Province. After learning that the flood control situation in her hometown is severe and there is a shortage of volunteers, she immediately signed up to take part in the fight against floods, giving full play to her professional advantages and fighting in the front line of flood fighting. She assisted the local ag体育 and epidemic prevention ag体育 in the disaster area and handled the disaster situation according to the requirements of the local flood control office. Due to the solid preliminary ag体育 and various measures in place, shitouzhen flood control ag体育 has achieved phased success. Talking about the flood control ag体育 in her hometown, Wu Wenli said: "the flood situation has made me see that party members rush forward and are brave and fearless. She hopes to become a member of the Communist Party of China as soon as possible and do more things for the party and the people.".

    Zhang Fei village's Emergency Support Committee was called on to take part in the emergency ag体育 of the flood prevention and Protection Committee of his hometown. His flood control team needs to inspect and monitor the river bank in charge 24 hours a day, and timely ag体育 with other groups to fill and block up the river bank after the leakage is found. Inspection ag体育 is often accompanied by dim light, inconvenient walking on muddy ground and mosquito bites. But Zhang Feifei said: "I don't feel bitter or tired. On the contrary, I'm very honored to participate in it. It's really a rare opportunity to exercise."

    Zheng Lvting, who is from class 1906, is one of the few girls in the flood control commando team of Tangchi Town, Lujiang County, Anhui Province. The water level of Chaohu Lake is rising, and there is a shortage of volunteers in her hometown. She volunteered to go to the front line of flood prevention and control at the first time, deliver meals and water, and measure her temperature Although she broke her hands at ag体育, she did not flinch. When talking about becoming a volunteer, Zheng Lvting said frankly: "I don't have too many ideas. I think I majored in nursing and should be able to help, so I applied to be a volunteer." She felt that this summer vacation had been very meaningful. Her experience of volunteer ag体育 in flood control and flood fighting will become an important wealth accumulation in her life.

    More than 40 Youth League members of the nursing department responded positively. They actively supported the local flood control and flood fighting ag体育 through various ways, conveyed the true feelings and warmth with practical actions, and demonstrated the strength of voluntary service with dedication.

    (contributed by: Zhang Haoran / Editor: Shen Yonggang / checked by: Wang Xude)

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