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    The college visits the families of cadres in the village

    Editing date: August 17, 2020 editor: Fu Liang reading times: second

    Recently, Zhu Yinlong, member of the college's Party committee and director of the organization and personnel department, visited and comforted Shen Yongkang, Fang Youzhi, and Zhang Yi, respectively, through door-to-door visits and telephone calls, in order to further encourage the selected and help cadres of poverty alleviation in villages in Linshui village to better fulfill their duties in the front line of poverty alleviation, and at the same time let their families feel the care and warmth of the college Party committee Family members of comrades. Zhu Yinlong sent consolation money to the families of the cadres stationed in the village. He expressed his gratitude to them for their support and contribution for more than three years. He asked carefully about the family life of the cadres stationed in the village, whether they had difficulties in life and problems that needed the help of the college. The representative college expresses its heartfelt thanks to the family members of the cadres stationed in the village for taking into account the overall situation, giving up the "small family" and "everyone", and supporting the cause of poverty alleviation without regret. The cadres will stay in the village to help them solve their problems.

    (contributed by: organization and personnel department / Editor: Fu Liang / checked by: Zhu Yinlong)

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