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    School enterprise cooperation of optometry major

    Editing date: September 7, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    In order to consolidate specialty construction and deepen school enterprise cooperation, Professor Gui Ping, Secretary of the party general branch of the Department of ag体育 services and leader of optometry major, went to Chizhou Aier ophthalmic hospital for part-time teachers of the same industry to conduct teaching discussion on professional core courses on September 3. Sun Liman, the teaching secretary and director of the teaching and research section of the Department, and Liu Mingli and Wu Xiao, teachers of optometry, participated in the exchange.

    Wang Chuanyin, CEO of Aier Ophthalmology Group, expressed great concern and support for the in-depth cooperation between the school and the enterprise. Huang Zhiqiang, President of Tongling Aier Eye Hospital, Chen Xianglei, director of science and education department, Tong Xiaolu, director of science and education department, Wang Liyong, director of Ophthalmology Department of Tongling Aier, Zhao Xiangyu, director of optometry Department of Chizhou Aier ophthalmology department, Shi Jun, director of optometry Department of Chizhou Aier ophthalmology department, and other part-time teachers from industry and enterprises conducted professional construction discussions together.

    The two sides had a heated discussion on the training of teaching staff, the construction of professional training rooms, teaching syllabus, teaching plan, teaching process, selection of teaching materials and analysis of learning situation. We all agree that education must first solve the fundamental problem of "who to train, how to train and for whom". The teaching of professional courses should be based on the syllabus, based on the teaching materials, on the basis of understanding the students and combining with the development of the industry, scientifically cultivate the talents of optometry.

    Guiping and his party also visited the optometry center, special examination equipment area and refractive surgery area of the ophthalmic hospital with great interest.

    (contributed by: Department of ag体育 services / Editor: Sun Ligan, Wu Xiao / reviewed by: Guiping)

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