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    General affairs department cleaning secondary reservoir in summer

    Editing date: September 8, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    In order to ensure the ag体育 and safety of teachers and students in our hospital, according to the relevant regulatory requirements of the supervision department and the secondary water supply management system of the college. On September 5, the general affairs department arranged personnel to clean and disinfect the secondary water storage pool of our hospital.

    In order to ensure the smooth progress of the cleaning ag体育 and minimize the impact on the construction in progress and other water use of the college, the general affairs department shall make preparations for cleaning equipment and disinfection drugs, and inform all water departments and construction units of the projects under construction in advance.

    Due to the full preparation ag体育, the cleaning ag体育 of the secondary reservoir was successfully completed within the expected time, and the water sample after cleaning and disinfection will be tested by professional institutions.

    (contributed by: Wang Liangjun / Editor: Chen Jiahao / checked by: Zhang Xinke)

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