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    Our hospital held a general staff meeting.

    The provincial Party committee and the provincial ag体育 and Health Committee announced the appointment of the Party committee.

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    On the afternoon of May 20th, our hospital held a general meeting of cadres and ag体育ers, announcing the decision of the provincial Party committee to nominate Comrade Zhang Bing as the dean of the college and the Party committee of the provincial ag体育 and Health Committee to appoint comrade Zhang Bing as Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the college. The party secretary of the provincial ag体育 and Health Committee attended the meeting and spoke before the meeting. Cui Lijun, deputy director of the provincial ag体育 and ag体育 committee chaired the meeting and read the decision of the provincial Party committee and the provincial ag体育 and Health Committee. Wang Dayi, deputy director of the personnel department of the provincial ag体育 and Health Committee, attended the meeting. Hospital leaders Xie Ruijin and Zhang Bing made statements respectively.

    Pointing out that the decision on the appointment of Comrade Zhang Bing was made by the provincial Party committee and the Party committee in accordance with the needs of the ag体育 and the actual situation of the leading bodies in the college. The decision of the Party committee and the Party committee of the provincial Party committee and the CPC Committee attached great importance to the construction of the leading body of the college. It is hoped that the whole faculty will firmly support, support and actively cooperate with the new leadership team.

    Shan went forward to introduce Comrade Zhang Bing's basic situation. He pointed out that Comrade Zhang Bing had good political quality and strong party spirit principle, and had strong management and organization and coordination capabilities. He had clear thinking in his ag体育, thoughtful consideration and great efforts to promote his ag体育.

    We should improve the political standing and strengthen the party building in an all-round way. We should study and implement Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as the top priority and the primary political task. We should push forward the teaching materials, enter the classroom and enter the mind, and integrate into the whole process of political theory teaching, ideological education and moral education. We should conscientiously study the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on ag体育 and ag体育 ag体育. The spirit of the nineteen and nineteen sessions of the second, third and fourth plenary sessions of the party will carry out the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the provincial Party committee. The new requirement of managing the party through the party must be carried out throughout the party's construction and ideological and political education ag体育. We should comprehensively strengthen the party's political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, style building and discipline construction, and unswervingly push the party strictly and strictly.

    One way ahead is to insist on democratic centralism and comprehensively strengthen team building. We should conscientiously carry out the responsibility system of the presidents under the leadership of the Party committee, give full play to the wisdom and strength of the collective, and constantly enhance the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the leading bodies. We should establish a sense of rules and enhance party spirit. The party secretary and the dean of the college should take the lead in upholding the unity and stability of the team. Other team members should enhance their overall sense and team spirit and ag体育 together. The team should stick to unity, overall situation and cooperation, adhere to the principle of building a ag体育y atmosphere, create a new style and image, and play the role of "head geese" and seek common development plans.

    Single forward, we should establish new development ideas and speed up the construction of colleges and universities. It is necessary to set up the concept of characteristic development and innovative development, and make clear that "serving ag体育 and ag体育 as the core and serving the grass-roots as the focal point, we are committed to cultivating the high quality skilled talents with good quality, solid foundation, outstanding ability and first-line service", forming more practical development ideas, key measures and main tasks. We should actively integrate into the construction of "ag体育y Anhui", form a scientific and efficient school running mode and operation mechanism, and actively carry out external exchanges and cooperation. In order to find the breakthrough point and focus of ag体育, we should strive to build a high skilled Vocational ag体育 at an early date according to the idea of "strengthening connotation, condensing characteristics, building brand, upgrading the level and innovating development".

    In order to meet the requirements of one way ahead, we should strengthen the team building and focus on strengthening the training of grass-roots talents. We must firmly establish the concept that "talent is the first resource of scientific development". We should closely focus on the construction of teaching staff and the training of practical talents in primary ag体育 care, do well in the cultivation and use of two aspects of professional skills and management in ag体育s and universities, and enhance the quality and ability of teaching staff through multiple channels. It is necessary to further strengthen the training of grassroots public ag体育 and general medicine talents, increase the training of primary ag体育 and ag体育 personnel, and consolidate and improve the grass-roots level. We must comprehensively balance the introduction and training of talents and coordinate with the general development plan of the Institute, and strive to cultivate a highly qualified, professional and innovative professional team with noble character, excellent professionalism, reasonable structure and full vitality.

    One way ago, we emphasized that under the leadership of the leadership of the new college, the staff of the whole college should have a deep understanding of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on "training for people, how to cultivate people, and training people". We must grasp the strategic orientation and historical mission of higher education in the new era. High level vocational skills colleges with international cooperation have been ag体育ing hard.

    Xie Ruijin said that the college firmly supports the decision of the provincial Party committee and the Party committee. We should enhance our political awareness and effectively integrate our thoughts and actions into the decisions of the provincial Party committee and the Party committee. We should enhance our sense of discipline, constantly create a political and ecological environment for the people and enhance the sense of innovation, constantly improve the quality of our college development, enhance our sense of solidarity, unite and consolidate our strength, promote innovation and win support, and ag体育 together to promote the new development of our college. A new leap forward.

    Zhang Bing said that under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee and the Party committee, together with the leading bodies of the college and all the teachers and students, the school will be well developed. In the future ag体育, we will improve our political standing, strictly demand ourselves and constantly improve ourselves. Insist on learning, speed up the short board of knowledge and skills, and quickly adapt to the role change. We should conduct in-depth investigation and research, familiarize ourselves with the situation of the Institute as soon as possible, analyze and judge the development situation, and identify the development goals. We should conscientiously implement the responsibility system of the presidents under the leadership of the Party committee, make the benchmarks first-rate, and make progress, and earnestly fulfill the "one responsibility and two responsibilities" to jointly promote the development of the academy to a new level.

    All cadres and staff members attended the meeting.

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