The second party branch directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China organizes voluntary student service activities


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    Apart from being loved by others, the second party branch directly under the CPC organizes party members to carry out volunteer service activities for students

    06-02-2020 edited by: second

    Due to the temporary inability of students to return to school during the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to ensure that the students who are about to return to school have a comfortable dormitory environment, the second party branch directly under the college recently provided the service of drying quilts and cleaning students' dormitories for students who did not return to school.

    From May 27 to 28, the second party branch directly under the CPC organized and mobilized all the party members, teachers, development objects, party activists and counselors to form a volunteer service team. Party members should take active action to consciously participate in the cleaning and sanitation ag体育 of students' dormitories. They should take care of students' physical and mental ag体育 and solve students' life problems as their responsibilities. They are not only responsible for the safety and ag体育 of students, but also responsible for the public ag体育 cause of our hospital. Teachers who usually guide students to study have become their intimate "sunbathing quilt people", sundries "porters" and dormitory "cleaners".

    Party members went into the dormitory, one by one for students to dry quilts, clean the table, clean the ground, ventilation and disinfection. Through the hard ag体育 of Party members and comrades, the dormitories that had not been used for a long time during the epidemic period were completely renovated.

    By organizing party members to carry out voluntary service activities, it reflects the service consciousness of Party members, carries forward the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members. Party members are eager for the urgent needs of students and solve the problems concerned by students. It reflects that party members of the Party branch deeply rooted in the concept of "everything for students" and firmly establishes the consciousness of serving students. The students who are eager to learn from the school have been helped by the warmth of their families.

    (contributed by: the second party branch directly under the CPC / Editor: Sheng Nan / Reviewer: Liu Shaofang)