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    The institute holds the Party committee's theoretical learning center group learning (expansion) conference and deepening the "three cases" warning education topic seminar.

    Edit date: 2020-06-10 editor: Readings: second

    On the afternoon of June 9th, the ag体育 held the learning and enlargement meeting of the Party committee's theoretical learning center and deepening the "three case" warning education symposium, deeply studying the spirit of the important speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping at the forum of experts and scholars, the spirit of the "two sessions" of the whole country, and the important theory of general secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening the supervision and management of leading cadres' education and management since the nineteen Party Congress. "The excerpts" and Li Jinbin, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, deepen the spirit of the "three case" warning education symposium and the typical cases of provincial ag体育 and ag体育 system personnel violating discipline and law. Party secretary Xie Ruijin presided over the meeting and delivered speeches. Zhang Bing, deputy secretary and President of the Party committee, vice secretary of the Party committee, vice president Zhang Hong, supervisor Fan Youhua, Party committee member Zhu Yinlong and Wang Xude attended the meeting. The cadres in the middle and upper levels of the college attended the meetings of the party branches and the Party branch secretaries.

    Xie Ruijin pointed out that when general secretary Xi Jinping held a forum of experts and scholars, he pointed out that people's safety is the cornerstone of national security, and made clear arrangements for improving the major epidemic prevention and control system and mechanism, public ag体育 emergency management system, and so on, laying a very important position in the development of ag体育 and ag体育, and providing a scientific guide for promoting the reform and development of ag体育 and ag体育. The future direction of the ag体育 is pointed out. As a ag体育y and ag体育y Career Academy, we should take the lead in studying and carrying out the spirit of the speech. We should learn again and again. We should pass the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech to the professional construction and curriculum construction of the college, establish a personnel training system adapted to the public emergency management at the grass roots level, and train more grassroots public ag体育 service personnel who can live and use. The service system is short.

    Xie Ruijin stressed that the current college has entered a stage of rapid development, and the whole hospital should ag体育 together to promote the development of the Institute. We must regard political construction as a fundamental construction, strict political discipline and political rules, and individuals should obey the organization and part of them should be subordinated to the whole. We should regard ideological construction as a basic building, further lay a solid foundation for thought, strengthen our faith and stand firmly on the stand of the people. We should strengthen the ag体育 style construction, strengthen the unity among departments, form a joint effort to ag体育 together, embody the effect of ag体育 style construction in specific ag体育, and guard against formalism and bureaucratism. We should strengthen the system construction, ag体育 under the system rules, constantly optimize and improve the system, and let the system better protect the development of the college.

    Zhang Bing pointed out that the development thought of general secretary Xi Jinping's insisting on "taking the people as the center and stabilizing the people's position" is reflected in the school's internal context, that is, we should take all the teachers and students as the center and always achieve the goal of good, maintaining and developing the interests of teachers and students as the highest standard, so that the reform and development achievements will benefit more and more teachers and students, and continuously enhance the teachers and students. A sense of well-being, a sense of security. In terms of social value, as a ag体育 and ag体育 vocational college, we should take the construction of ag体育y China and ag体育y Anhui as the starting point, integrate into the Yangtze River Delta regional integration development, and train more ag体育 and ag体育 personnel who serve the grass-roots and serve the people.

    Fan Youhua, Zhu Yinlong and Wang Xude have studied the learning materials respectively. Zhang Hong and Secretary of the general Party branch of the nursing department, Guiping, focus on "ten learning and ten thinking" and "Xi Jinping: People's safety is the cornerstone of national security".

    After the meeting, all participants attended the "two sessions" mental knowledge test.

    (contribution: Office / Editor: Sheng man / audit: Liu Shaofang)