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    President Zhang Bing led a team to investigate poverty alleviation sites

    Editing date: July 13, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    In order to deeply study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on poverty alleviation, implement the decision-making and deployment of the central and provincial Party Committee on winning the three-year action of poverty alleviation, further improve the accuracy and effectiveness of fixed-point assistance, and effectively solve the problems existing in the evaluation feedback of poverty alleviation in villages in 2019. On July 9, president Zhang Bing led a team to carry out poverty alleviation research activities in Linshui village, Linshui Town, Huoqiu County, and visited the poor people. Zhu Yinlong, member of the Party committee of the college, director of the organization and personnel department, and responsible comrades of relevant departments were accompanied.

    Zhang Bing and Zhu Yinlong first visited and sympathized with pairs of poverty-stricken families, sent them consolation money and daily necessities, and talked with them cordially to learn more about their family life and physical conditions.

    At the forum, Zhao weiqi, Secretary of the general Party branch of Linshui village, introduced the basic situation, industry situation, poor households and poor population of Linshui village, as well as the achievements of poverty alleviation in 2019. On behalf of the Party committee of Linshui village, the Secretary of the Party committee of Hezhou village highly praised the ag体育 of our village Party committee in helping the poor in Linshui. Members of the Party committee of the CPC General Committee in Linshui county and the Secretary of Huo Yongfu village in 2020 reported the progress of the ag体育 of the first party committee member in Linshui county and Huo Yongfu village.

    Zhang Bing expressed his gratitude to the town and village levels for their support for the hospital's assistance ag体育 and the members of the poverty alleviation team stationed in the village, fully affirming the achievements made by the village based poverty alleviation team in helping Linshui village shake off poverty. Zhang Bing also conveyed the college's "rectification plan for the feedback problems in the effectiveness assessment of targeted assistance to Linshui village in 2019". He pointed out that 2020 is the decisive year and the closing year of poverty alleviation. The college will further strengthen the organization and leadership, implement the pairing assistance of cadres, improve the ability to get rich, carry out consumption poverty alleviation, expand the poverty alleviation effect of "three industries and one post", promote industrial development, stimulate internal vitality, expand village collective income, implement the pairing of Party building, help to build strong grass-roots organizations and encourage village support The accuracy and effectiveness of fixed-point assistance will be further improved in seven aspects, such as cadres' responsibility and responsibility.

    Zhang Bing stressed that it is necessary to develop the village collective economy according to local conditions, identify industrial poverty alleviation projects, and accurately implement the assistance measures. The college will, as always, do a good job in targeted poverty alleviation of Linshui village.

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