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    Letter of inquiry for the procurement and installation of tap water at Career Academy, Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 (second)

    Edit date: 2020-06-30 editor: Readings: second


    Right now Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy's taps procurement and installation projects are invited to inquire and welcome qualified suppliers. Respond to quotations and explain the following matters:

    I. project situation

    (1) the toilet faucet in the library is too short, and the water is inconvenient to replace the tap.




    Recommended brand

    High pole tap

    The distance between the nozzle and the table is not less than 8cm, including hose and other auxiliary materials. Installation and commissioning are in place.


    HeGII, Wrigley, Jomoo


    The product must be one of the recommended brands.

    (two) controlled price: RMB 10000 yuan

    Two. Supplier qualification

    1, meet the twenty-second provision of the government procurement law of the People's Republic of China;

    2, trade, decoration and other related companies;

    3, the project does not accept the offer of the consortium.

    Copies of the above materials are required and the company seal is affixed.

    Three. Notes for inquiry

    (1) the deposit is required for this project.

    1, RMB: 1000 yuan.

    2. Only accept telegraphic transfer and transfer method (transfer account is consistent with the name of bidder), other ways are invalid; telegraphic transfer or transfer must ensure payment before the deadline.

    3. Tender margin account:

    Account bank: Chizhou branch of the Industrial Bank

    Payee: Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy

    account   Number: 131608310920000417

    Remarks: Tap Water Margin

    (two) suppliers who are interested in this project will make a one-time written quotation to Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy before the deadline specified in this inquiry letter. Only one price is allowed for this enquiry, and no more quotations will be accepted. The letter of quotation and relevant documents are sealed after the seal of the unit is sealed and submitted to the unit.

    (three) the quotation letter (see Annex) and the copy of the attached material (business license), the sealed package, and the sealing part shall be affixed with the sealing joint seal (the name of the item, the name of the supplier, the date of the offer, the contact form, two copies), otherwise it will not be accepted.

    Four. The deadline and place to submit the quotation.

    1, deadline for submission: Twenty 20 years July 3rd, 10 hours and 00 minutes.

    2, address: Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy tender office, Chizhou Education Park Xueyuan Road No. 9. (mailing) In accordance with the actual receipt time. )

    3, unsealed, overdue service or not delivered to the designated place shall not be accepted.

    Five, bid evaluation procedures and Transaction Principles

    By the inquiry team, all the quotation letters submitted according to the regulations will be unsealed and reviewed, and the transaction providers will be determined according to the requirements of the quality and service, which are able to meet the substantive requirements stipulated in the letter of inquiry and the lowest quoted price. The price quoted by the service provider is the contract price of the transaction. The quotation is the same, and the service providers can be determined through spot drawing.

    Six, contact mode

    Contact number: 0566-3388300

    Seven. Tender Supervision department

    Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 supervision and audit office, Career Academy. Telephone: Zero 566- Three million three hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight  


      Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy

      June 30, 2020






    Quotation letter





    Unit price (yuan)

    Total price (yuan)


    Mesa tap







    Aggregate total price


    A lowercase letter:







    Service commitments (delivery and after sales commitments)






    Signature of supplier:                                           


    1. This form is used for opening the bid.

    2. The final tender offer is the offer after the discount. Including transportation, labor, maintenance, materials, after sale and other costs. And as a basis for evaluation and calibration. Any final tender offer with choice or condition, or multiple quotations will be invalid.