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    Inquiry notice for printing project of college newspaper of Anhui Vocational ag体育 of Health (the second time)

    09-04-2020: editorial date: second

    Inquiry notice for printing project of college newspaper of Anhui Vocational ag体育 of Health (the second time)

    We will make inquiry and purchase for the printing project of Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 vocational college. We welcome qualified suppliers to respond to the quotation. The relevant matters are as follows:

    1、 Project situation

    (1) User requirements

    one , Zheng 4K 80g Daolin paper, double-sided color printing;

    two Professional designers are responsible for typesetting, which meets the layout design rules and requirements of newspapers, and can give professional design suggestions; designers can timely provide design drafts according to the needs of the college's publicity ag体育, and obtain the approval and consent of the college. The college is only responsible for providing materials;

    three The service period of the contract is two years. In principle, the service period is quarterly two thousand Copies;

    four According to the quotation of each issue, including four color printing (each issue) two thousand (copies) and design fee; design fee will not be paid for multiple modifications; quotation of additional copies will be provided for each one thousand The number of copies shall not exceed five thousand Copies.

    (2) Control price: thirty thousand element

    2、 Supplier qualification

    one To meet the requirements of Article 22 of the government procurement law of the people's Republic of China;

    two The printing unit must have the qualification of printing business license and publication printing, and be qualified to assist the college in applying for continuous internal material printing license;

    three At least two Experience in designing newspapers and periodicals for government and public institutions (providing relevant materials, proof, contract or bid winning notice, etc.);

    four The project does not accept the quotation of the consortium.

    Copies of the above materials shall be provided and stamped with the company's official seal.

    3、 Instructions for inquiry

    (1) Deposit is required for this project

    one , RMB: two thousand element

    two Only telegraphic transfer or transfer (the transfer in account is the same as the name of the bidder) is accepted, and other methods are invalid; telegraphic transfer or transfer must be guaranteed to arrive before the tender deadline.

    three Bid security account:

    Bank of deposit: Baihe branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of Chizhou

    Payee: Anhui Health Vocational ag体育

    account   number: 1316 0831 0920 0004 174

    Note: hospital deposit

    (2) Suppliers interested in this project should make a one-time written quotation to Anhui ag体育 vocational college before the deadline specified in this inquiry letter. The quotation includes the price and the service promise of manufacture and installation. Only one quotation is allowed in this inquiry. Multi quotation will not be accepted. The quotation letter and relevant documents shall be submitted to the company after being sealed with the company's official seal. Those overdue delivery will not be accepted.

    (3) The quotation letter (see the attachment) and the copies of the attached materials (business license and other information required by the inquiry letter) shall be sealed and packed, and the seal shall be stamped with a cross stitch seal (the sealing bag shall indicate the project name, supplier name, contact information and quotation date in duplicate), otherwise, it will not be accepted.

    4、 Deadline and place for submission of quotation letter

    one Submission deadline: two thousand and twenty year nine month eight day ten Hour 00 Divide.

    two Address: bidding Office of Anhui ag体育 vocational college, Xueyuan Road, Chizhou Education Park nine number.

    three , unsealed, overdue or not delivered to the designated place shall not be accepted.

    5、 Inquiry procedures and Transaction Principles

    Under the condition that the project meets the bid opening conditions, the inquiry team shall unseal and review all quotation letters submitted according to the provisions, and determine a successful supplier according to the principle that the quotation documents can meet the substantive requirements specified in the inquiry letter and the quotation is from low to high, and the supplier's quotation is the completed contract price. If the quotation is the same, the transaction service provider shall be determined by on-site lottery.

    6、 Contact information

    contact number: 0566 three million three hundred and eighty-eight thousand and three hundred

    7、 Bidding supervision department

    Supervision and Audit Department of Anhui Vocational ag体育 of ag体育, Tel: 0566- three million three hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight  


      Anhui Health Vocational ag体育

      two thousand and twenty year nine month four day






    Quotation letter

    Supplier name




      a lowercase letter:                  element

    Additional quotation( one thousand Copies)


    Service commitment



    Quotation unit: (official seal)

    Signature of legal person (or authorized agent)

         year     month



    one This form is used for bid opening.

    two The quotation includes labor, after-sales and other costs.

    three The final bid price in the table is the quotation after preferential treatment, which will be used as the basis for evaluation and award of bid. Any selective or conditional final tender offer, or filling in multiple quotations, is invalid.



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