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    Notice on carrying out "Anhui Yinfu Cup English reading comprehension test" contest on line

    Editing date: April 12, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

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    It's April in the world. April, the world is more pleasant scenery, worth doing! No class, no school, "CET-4 and CET-6" will arrive without appointment. In order to better promote the review and preparation for the examination, the library and basic Department of the college, together with Beijing Yinfu company, have prepared a model test competition of "CET-4 and CET-6 reading comprehension". Please inform students to actively participate in the contest. We hereby inform you of the following:

    1、 Activity time: April 13-30

    2、 Login method: Scan and identify the QR code below to start the activity.

    Two dimensional code of CET-4 and CET-6 reading comprehension model test competition





    3、 Activity rules

    1. During the opening of the activity, everyone has only one exam opportunity. Please cherish it!

    2. Specific operation process: scan the QR code → click user registration (college selection) → fill in relevant information and submit registration (please fill in the correct mobile phone number for the convenience of honoring the prize) → enter the current examination page and select "Anhui CET-4 / 6 model reading comprehension contest" → Click to start the examination → choose to hand in the paper after the answer is completed.

    3. The ranking list of this activity is ranked according to the highest score and the shortest time.

    4、 Award setting

    the first prize: 2, ranking 1-2 on the list;

    Award: Certificate of honor +500 yuan in cash;




    second award: 4, ranking 3-6 on the list;

    Award: Certificate of honor +Millet trolley case (worth 349 yuan)




    third award: 30 people, ranking 7-36 on the list;

    Award: Certificate of honor +Xiaomi backpack (worth 99 yuan);




    Encouragement Award: 100, ranking 37-136 on the list

    Award: Certificate of honor +Millet pilling trimmer (worth 40 yuan);




    5、 Time and method of receiving awards

    At the end of the event, Yinfu Co., Ltd Please contact the library before May to receive the prize.

    6、 Activity consultation

    1. Contact person of ag体育 Library: Mr. Liu Wen, mobile phone: 13675565616;

    2. Beijing Contact person of Yinfu company: Mr. Li kuiying, mobile phone: 13739286615。

    7、 Warm tips

    In order to help CET-4 and CET-6 and other types of examinations, the library has temporarily opened the silver symbol test question bank for free (only for mobile phones) App registration login).

    Specific access method: enter the simulated question bank platform of Yinfu examination( )Scan QR code with mobile phone ——Download the client - click Install - install, open - register user name and password - use the database normally. The two-dimensional code of the silver symbol on the palm is as follows:


    May you always be full of enthusiasm and be as beautiful as spring!


    It is hereby notified.



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