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    Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy return to school arrangements for spring semester 2020

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    According to the notice issued by the leading group on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in the education system of Anhui province in the spring semester 2020, in combination with the epidemic prevention and control ag体育 and the actual ag体育, after the scientific evaluation of the Party committee of the college and the examination and approval of the Anhui Provincial Health and Health Committee and the Chizhou Municipal People's government, the college will organize the students in batches of the wrong time in batches in May 17th. Return to school. The specific return arrangements are as follows.

    The students of grade two and grade three or four returned to school in May 17th, and the students of medical education cooperation (two head teaching) returned to teaching hospitals in May 17th. In the first year (excluding the online and offline classes of Higher Vocational Education) and the return time of grade one or two students, the college will inform the first batch of students returning to school and ag体育ing conditions. The class of students who were originally scheduled for internship in February 2020 did not return to school. The time of internship was determined according to the epidemic prevention and control situation of each internship hospital, and the time of practice was not earlier than that of May 17th. The students of the class and graduating class will not return to school after the enrollment expansion.

    Each department is responsible for the "one to one" notification to each student. Students who have not received the return notice will not return to school. Students who are determined to suspend their stay and return to school are not allowed to return to school. No student can return to school ahead of time without approval.

    Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy leading group on prevention and control of new crown pneumonia

    May 6, 2020