Notice on opening the remote login version of "the ideological and theoretical resources database of the Communist Party of China"


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    Notice on opening the remote login version of the "database of Ideological and theoretical resources of the Communist Party of China"

    Editing date: May 8, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

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    The library has opened the remote login version of the database of the ideological and theoretical resources of the Communist Party of China. The opening time is from May 7, 2020 to May 6, 2021. Readers are welcome to use it actively.

    1、 Instructions for use


    [access method] campus netag体育 IP access

    [concurrent number] 20

    2、 Introduction to database

    Data type: e-book

    The database of Ideological and theoretical resources of the Communist Party of China is developed and built by the people's publishing house under the cordial care of the leading comrades of the Central Committee and the powerful guidance of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee. It is called "a major innovation project of spreading Marxism in China with science and technology" by Party and government cadres, experts and scholars. The database has been introduced into the Party Schools (administrative colleges) and many colleges and universities in various provinces. It has become a powerful grasp for the ideological and political theory research and learning in ag体育s and universities. It provides a comprehensive, convenient, professional, standardized and authoritative auxiliary tool for teachers and students, and further promotes the innovation of Ideological and political theory and the scientific and intelligent development of Ideological and political course teaching. At present, the system has more than 12000 books, covering 12 sub databases and more than 70 million knowledge points. Among them, the special database "Xi Jinping's thought base on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era" has been highly praised by experts and scholars since it was launched.

    (1) Characteristics of database

    Feature 1: content system, realizing "five full coverage".

    Feature 2: advanced query function, creating a new form of "knowledge point reading".

    Feature 3: the content of the book is normative and authoritative, and the e-book reaches the reference standard.

    (2) The important role in Teaching

    The database provides a basis for college students to learn the classic theory of Marxism, the theoretical achievements of Marxism Sinicization and the basic experience of the Communist Party of China in governing the country. It plays an important role in promoting the social identity of the mainstream ideology and the advancement and purity of the ideological concepts of teachers and students. The database contains rich resources, a wide range, and distinct themes, with obvious value orientation. Teachers and students can be guided positively in the process of browsing and learning.