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    Notice on organizing the collection of public welfare publicity ag体育s against pyramid selling in Anhui in 2020

    Edit date: 2020-06-05 editor: Zhang Xian reading frequency: second

    Departments, offices and centres:

    In order to popularize the knowledge of laws and regulations against pyramid schemes and pyramid schemes, let teachers and students fully recognize the nature and harm of pyramid schemes, enhance their awareness of prevention, enhance their ability to identify, and consciously stay away from pyramid schemes, boycott pyramid schemes, and create a good social environment. The provincial Market Supervision Bureau, provincial civilization office, provincial education department and provincial radio and Television Bureau jointly decide to carry out joint efforts. Two thousand and twenty In 2004, Anhui banned pyramid sales and standardized the collection and selection of direct selling public welfare ag体育s. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows. :

    1. Collection of topics

    " We must prohibit pyramid schemes, regulate direct selling, and build an honest society. "
    Two. Activity organization
    Sponsor unit : Anhui Market Supervision Bureau, Anhui Provincial Civilization Office, Anhui Provincial Education Department, Anhui radio and TV Bureau.
    Undertaking unit : Anhui Market Supervision Bureau.
    Three. Types and requirements of ag体育s
    The public service publicity ag体育s collected in this event are classified into film and television categories. ( Micro film, micro wish frequency, micro Comic ) And two categories of graphic design.

    One Film and television ag体育s. The resolution of the ag体育 is not less than One thousand nine hundred and twenty X One thousand and eighty The code rate is no less than 8M/ Seconds, format is MP4, H.264 Code; 4K Ultra HD The resolution of the ag体育 is Three thousand eight hundred and forty X 2160, Code rate not lower than 15M/ Seconds, format is MP4 , H.264 Code. Micro video, micro anime each The duration of the ag体育 shall not exceed. Ninety Seconds, the length of the micro movie does not exceed. Three hundred Seconds.

    Two Plane ag体育s. The format of the ag体育 is JPG , PNG, Must not lower than Three hundred Pixels, CMYK Color mode, 5MB Following. More than two ag体育s of content are regarded as series ag体育s. ( Contains two pieces. )

    Four. Collection content
    around " Prohibition of pyramid schemes, direct selling, and building an honest society. " Themes can be fully exposed. The essence of pyramid selling is to identify, keep away, refuse and crack down on pyramid schemes. It guides the masses to refuse, stay away from pyramid schemes, actively participate in the prohibition of pyramid selling, promote socialist core values, strengthen civic moral construction and build an honest society.
    Five. Object of collection
    The activity is open to all teachers and students.

    Six. Activity arrangement
    The time of this activity is from now on. Eight month Thirty-one Day.

    Seven, incentive measures

    This activity is to select excellent ag体育s, good ag体育s, encouraging ag体育s and excellent activities. Outstanding ag体育s, good ag体育s, and encouraging ag体育s are issued by the organizers and supported by a certain production cost. Outstanding activity organizers issue certificates.

    Among them, film and television ag体育s selected excellent ag体育s. Two Pieces, support Three thousand Yuan production cost ; Good ag体育s Four Pieces, support Two thousand Yuan production cost ; Encourage ag体育s Eight Pieces, support One thousand Yuan production cost. Excellent ag体育s selected by plane ag体育s Two piece , Support Two thousand Yuan production cost ; Good ag体育s Six Pieces, support One thousand Yuan production cost ; Encourage ag体育s Ten Pieces, support Five hundred Yuan production cost. Select a number of outstanding organizational units.

    Eight, submit the method

    There is an intention to send the personnel to the security office to receive the "Anhui provincial excellent dissemination of rules and regulations, public welfare publicity ag体育s collection and registration form". Eight month Thirty-one It is reported to the security office. Contact: Zhang Xian, contact number: Three million three hundred and eighty-eight thousand three hundred and sixty-six

    Security Department

    Two thousand and twenty year Six month Five day