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    Notice on holding knowledge competition on anti drug knowledge in 2020 and 100 million university students' anti drug public interest signing activities

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    In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of a series of important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on drug control ag体育, conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Narcotics Control Commission's guidance on strengthening publicity and education in all aspects of drug control in the new era, persisting in moving forward and preventing prevention at the juncture, and continuing to carry out drug prevention education in young people. Six point two seven The project further improves the ability of the whole nation, especially college students, to understand, prevent and refrain from poisoning. Two thousand and twenty Notifications of anti drug knowledge competition and 100 million university students' anti drug public interest signing activities in Anhui Province (Anhui anti narcotics Office) [2020]62 The spirit of the document, the provincial drug control office, the provincial education department, the Communist Youth League and the Provincial Federation decided to jointly organize the document. Two thousand and twenty In, the Anhui university student anti drug knowledge competition and 100 million university students' public welfare signature campaign was held by the youth newspaper. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows. :

    Scope of activities
    Full time registered college students in the province ( Graduate student ) Participation in activities requires real name registration. Truthfully fill in personal information to ensure the authenticity of activities. Fair and effective.

    Two, activity content

    By learning knowledge of drug control, including drug knowledge, drug hazards, drug prevention and drug control. Laws, regulations, drug rehabilitation, and drug situation will enhance the ability of knowledge, prevention and rejection.
    Three, activity time
    Anti drug knowledge competition among ag体育 Students 2020 year Six month Five Solstice Twenty-five day ;
    100 million university students anti drug public sign activities 2020 year Six month Sixteen day -6 month Twenty-six Day.

    Four. Rules of activities
    One ) Anti drug knowledge competition among ag体育 Students
    The students entered the Anhui anti drug WeChat public address or log in. " Anqing net "
    ( ) Computer and mobile client activities page, learning anti drug knowledge, participating in anti drug competition. The answer to the competition is limited to time. The competition is implemented in three stages, and the difficulty of the topic increases. At each stage, students who participate in the basic knowledge study can participate in this stage. After getting the full marks, they can enter the next stage. The second stage limits the number of answers. In the third stage, there are three times to answer questions. Finally, according to the results of the competition, draw the list of winners by online raffle.
    The first prize is awarded for the competition. Three The two and the second prize Six The three and the second prize Nine Excellence Award One hundred Name. One or two, three prize, respectively, to reward RMB. One thousand Yuan, Eight hundred Yuan, Six hundred Yuan, every excellent award mobile phone recharge. One hundred Yuan. And issue certificates.
    Two ) 100 million university students anti drug public sign activities
    Relying on University Students' anti drug knowledge competition activities, the activities are carried out by students in the province, and activities are carried out through Sina micro-blog online. At that time, Sina micro-blog home page will open the event area and launch it synchronously. " Anti drug knowledge " Micro-blog topic discussion. Students participating in the activities are concerned about the official micro-blog of Anhui narcotics control office. " Anhui narcotics Online " Through the publication of activities, blogs link into the anti drug activities, select the institutions and anti drug propaganda slogans in the pop-up window, design personalized anti drug signatures, and light personal anti drug public service avatars. When a certain number of students in their institutions take part in the activities, the icon of the colleges and universities on the public welfare wall of the province will be lit. The anti drug public interest signature activities are displayed, shared and publicised simultaneously, and produced by micro-blog online random raffle. Twenty The name signed up to each person, each reward bonus RMB. Five hundred And issuing certificates.


    Security Department

    Two thousand and twenty year Six month Sixteen day