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    Announcement on alumni solicitation

    Editing date: June 17, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    Dear alumni


    Time flies, time flies. Anhui Health Vocational ag体育 Since its establishment in 1926, it has trained tens of thousands of excellent talents for the country. Alumni have played an important role in promoting social development and made outstanding contributions. They are valuable spiritual wealth and cultural resources of the school. In order to contact alumni, communicate emotions, enhance friendship, strengthen communication and mutual assistance, but also to better collect outstanding achievements of alumni in all fronts, so as to regularly display the achievements of alumni, unite people's hearts, motivate future generations, and boost the scientific, comprehensive and ag体育y development of the college, we hereby solicit "alumni list of Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 vocational college" from the alumni, and sincerely ask you to help in your busy schedule The alma mater completed the ag体育.

    1、 Scope of solicitation

    All alumni who have studied, studied, graduated and ag体育ed in Anhui ag体育 and Health Vocational ag体育 (mainly including the former Chizhou ag体育 school, Anhui family planning school and Anhui population Vocational ag体育).

    2、 Content of solicitation

    Name and class of alumni /Major , current ag体育 unit, job title, contact information (including office phone, home phone, mobile phone, e-mail QQ number, etc.) Etc. Also available Photos, general situation of current ag体育 and career development, published papers, monographs, photos of achievements and honors, and historical photos during school detailed Information.

    3、 Collection method

    (1) Alumni self recommendation

    one Alumni can Information (including video and video) etc. )Direct to Anhui Health Vocational ag体育 Email: 。

    two alumnus Can be found in Anhui Health Vocational ag体育 Website( Download the form, fill it out and mail it to your alma mater. Address: Xueyuan Road, education park, Chizhou City, Anhui Province nine Number, postcode two hundred and forty-seven thousand , Attn: office.

    3. Contact the office of Anhui ag体育 vocational college directly. Contact number: 0566-338888163388833, contact person: Tang Dan, Mao Huifang.   

    four Alumni can directly fill in the information by scanning the QR code below through wechat:

    5. You can bring your former classmates to visit the hospital directly, get together and talk about friendship. All teachers and students of Anhui Health Vocational ag体育 welcome you and will serve you wholeheartedly.

    (2) Alumni recommendation

    For other alumni information that our teachers and alumni know, please contact us Teachers Alumni actively recommend it.

    4 contact information

    Contact address: Xueyuan Road, education park, Chizhou City, Anhui Province 9, 247000

    Contact person: Tang Dan, Mao Huifang

    contact number: 0566 three million three hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and sixteen thirty-three eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and thirty-three

    We hope that after seeing this notice, the alumni will actively cooperate, timely feedback information, and provide other alumni information or pass on to other alumni in a timely manner college We would appreciate it. My alma mater is always waiting for your good news, and I wish you good ag体育, smooth career and brilliant future!

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