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    Notice on organizing the commendation activities of heroic commendation in the province

    Edit date: 2020-06-19 editor: Zhang Xian reading frequency: second


    In order to conscientiously study and implement the important directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on the ag体育 of acting righteously, vigorously cultivate and practice the socialist core values, publicize the typical deeds of heroic heroes, sing the main theme, spread positive energy, firm lofty ideals and beliefs, establish the correct values, cultivate noble moral sentiments, and strive to form and honor and disgrace, and uphold righteousness. It is a good social custom to contribute and promote harmony. According to the spirit of the document on the organization and implementation of the notice of the recognition of the heroic awards in the province (WAN politics and law, Ming and electricity [2020]15), the selection is carried out in the Department. The selection requirements are from September 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, when the citizens of our province or our province are brave and successful in the provinces (Overseas), the deeds of heroic deeds declared must be recognized by the county level comprehensive governing organs. On the premise of July 31st, the eligible candidates were presented with a summary of the deeds of the candidates (Group) and a summary of 500 words (three copies), and the approval form in three copies (received at the security office) to the security office.

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    June 19, 2020