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    Notes on enrollment of junior high school starting point five year Higher Vocational Education in 2020

    Editing date: August 3, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

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    In 2020, our college will continue to recruit students from junior high school with five-year higher vocational education starting from junior high school. The school code is 1258. The enrollment program is 300, including nursing 260 and midwifery 40. Both male and female students of nursing major can sign up, while midwifery major only enrolls female students.

    Registration requirements: candidates must take the 2020 high school entrance examination, and the score of cultural courses should reach the score line set by the provincial examination institute (in recent years, the score line is 280 for cultural courses).

    Registration method:

    1. Fill in the application form in the junior high school where the examinee ag体育s within the prescribed time.

    2. For those who fail to fill in the application form or can not fill in the application form, please bring the admission permit to the 109 Office of the student affairs office during ag体育ing hours to get the pre admission notice. At the same time, scan the QR code below with wechat, and fill in the relevant information truthfully. Our hospital will contact the candidates by SMS in the later stage to fill in the volunteers.

    Tel: 0566-3388560 3388559 3388558. Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

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