Announcement on qualification examination of Anhui ag体育 vocational college in 2020


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    Announcement of qualification examination for open recruitment of Anhui ag体育 vocational college in 2020

    09-04-2020: editorial date: second

    According to the provisions and relevant requirements of the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan for public recruitment of public institutions directly under Anhui Province in 2020 (wanrenshemi [2020] No. 96) and relevant requirements issued by the Organization Department of the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the matters related to the qualification review of public recruitment personnel in Anhui Vocational ag体育 of ag体育 and ag体育 in 2020 are announced as follows:

    1、 Determine who will participate in the qualification review

    According to the planned number of positions and the written examination scores of candidates, the list of professional testers is determined according to the ratio of 3:1, and the qualification is reviewed. If several candidates have the same scores in the written test, they will be determined as candidates for the professional test. The list is attached.

    2、 Time and place of qualification review

    Time: September 10-11, 2020, 9:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m. The overdue period shall be deemed as automatic abandonment.

    Setting: organization and personnel department, 3 / F, library of Anhui Vocational ag体育 of ag体育, No.9 Xueyuan Road, Chizhou Education Park. Bus route: take bus No.29 from railway station and bus station to Chizhou ag体育 Station.

    Contact number: 0566-3388355, contact person: Mr. Yu.

    3、 Qualification review requirements

    (1) During the qualification review, the applicant shall provide the original of his / her valid resident ID card, academic degree (degree) certificate, written examination admission certificate, relevant certificates and certificates required by the recruitment post, and Application qualification examination form (1 copy of each of the above materials)

    1. For full-time graduates in 2020 who have not obtained the graduation certificate, they should also provide the original student ID card, the employment recommendation form sealed by the school, and the written commitment that the major of graduation certificate is consistent with that of the position for examination.

    2. If it is a part-time diploma education that has completed all the courses specified in the teaching plan, passed the scores in all subjects, and graduated in 2020 but has not yet obtained the graduation certificate, it shall also provide the academic level and graduation time issued by the school or the education competent department of the province or City responsible for self-study examination and adult education, as well as "graduate in 2020, have completed all the courses specified in the teaching plan, and have completed all the subjects" The written certificate of "qualified performance, graduation certificate waiting to be issued", and my written commitment on the consistency of graduation certificate major and application post specialty, etc.

    3. Those who apply for the post of "serving grass-roots project" should also provide the certificate (appraisal form) of serving the grass-roots level. The retired college student soldiers should provide the notice of enlistment (or the copy of the approval stub of enlistment) and the certificate materials of retirement.

    Certificate (appraisal form) or relevant supporting materials shall be provided by the personnel of "service grassroots project" whose service period is up to 2020.

    4. For those who fail to apply for the position of "fresh graduates" by their ag体育 units within the employment selection period stipulated by the state, they should also provide the relevant documents such as their files, the certificate of the unit where they ag体育, or the relevant certification materials related to the service of grass-roots projects, or the relevant certification materials of retired college students and soldiers (refer to Article 3), as well as my written commitment on not implementing the ag体育 unit during the employment selection period And other materials.

    5. The official staff in the government and public institutions should also provide the certificate of approval of the unit and the competent department according to the authority of cadre and personnel management.

    (2) The qualification reexamination shall be conducted according to the qualification conditions specified in the recruitment announcement and the relevant materials provided by the candidates, and the photos and information provided by the applicants when applying online. Those who do not meet the requirements of the qualification requirements or can not provide the certificate materials according to the regulations shall be disqualified from participating in the professional test. If there is a vacancy, the candidates will be filled in the same amount according to the written examination results from high scores to low scores (according to the regulations of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the total score of two subjects in the unified examination of public subjects reaches 150 points, and the scores of each subject are not less than 60 points). The replacement time is up to September 20.

    It is hereby announced.

    Anhui Health Vocational ag体育

    September 3, 2020


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