Proposal on "practicing economy and opposing waste"


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    Proposal on "practicing economy and opposing waste"

    Editing date: September 7, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    In order to carry forward the traditional virtue of diligence and thrift of the Chinese nation, implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on curbing food and beverage waste, and create a good fashion of "glorious thrift and shameful waste" in Anhui ag体育 vocational college, the following suggestions are put forward to all teachers and students:

    1、 The consciousness of thrift should be established. Since the founding of new China, our party has led the people of the whole country to make the Chinese nation achieve a historic leap from standing up, becoming rich and becoming strong. Although today's China has said goodbye to the "food shortage" and got rid of the living predicament of lack of clothing and food, there is still a long and arduous road to go to win the battle of poverty alleviation, promote rural revitalization, achieve the "two centenary" goals, and realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This year, global food security is facing great challenges due to the impact of the new global pneumonia epidemic. It is of great significance for General Secretary Xi Jinping to call names again to curb "waste on the tip of the tongue" and to emphasize the issue of food security again in a special period and critical moment. We should be prepared for danger in times of safety, firmly establish the consciousness of thrift and thrift and the concept of table civilization, always tighten the string of food security, and cultivate a ag体育y and civilized consumption and life outlook.

    2、 Cultivate the habit of thrift. As the old saying goes, "one porridge and one meal, one's thinking is hard to come by; the other is half a thread, and the material resources are difficult.". Everyone is responsible for food security. Although food waste seems to be an individual behavior, it may cause global harm. In daily life, we should start from ourselves, respect the fruits of farmers' labor, cherish every grain of rice and every dish, and cultivate the habit of thrift and diligence. Whether eating out or at home, we should cultivate civilized behaviors such as ordering on demand and packing after meals, so that no leftovers and no leftovers become the habit of consciously observing, refuse to "waste on the tip of the tongue" and extravagance in life, promote "CD" into "new food fashion", and internalize and externalize the concept of diligence, thrift and hard ag体育 in the heart and practice.

    3、 Lead the ag体育y and civilized fashion. The phenomenon of food waste is still widespread, and there is still a long way to go to curb food waste. We should resolutely oppose and correct all forms of waste, stop waste in time, and make frugality become a virtue of heart. Under the current special social and economic background, reiterating "strict economy and opposing waste" is to continue to tighten the string of public grain saving, and make the saving behavior become a permanent social trend. ag体育s and universities should create a civilized and wasteful atmosphere, and be proud of the ag体育y environment. ag体育 youth, as the future and hope of the motherland, shoulder the responsibility and mission of national rejuvenation. They should become advocates, propagandists and practitioners of food conservation, and influence more people to join in the action of loving and saving food, so as to make the beauty of saving popular in Anhui ag体育 and Health Vocational ag体育.

    It is glorious to save and shameful to waste. Let's take positive action, start from me, cherish food, put an end to waste, and contribute to the construction of a resource-saving society!

    Anhui Health Vocational ag体育

    September 7, 2020

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