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    Our college held the second employment meeting of 2020 graduates

    2015-05-2020 editing date: second

    On May 14, our college held the second employment meeting of 2020 graduates in the conference room on the third floor of the library. Xie Ruijin, Secretary of the Party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The main responsible person of each department, the deputy director in charge of employment, the employment secretary, the counselors of the 2020 graduating class and the staff of the training department (internship and Employment Office) attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhu Yinlong, member of the Party committee in charge of the college's employment ag体育 and director of the organization and personnel department.

    At the meeting, the training department reported the current basic employment situation of the college, conveyed the requirements of the higher authorities on employment ag体育, mobilized all departments to actively publicize employment policies, carried out online employment services, broadened employment channels, strengthened assistance for employment difficulties, guided graduates to actively apply for jobs, submit resumes, participate in online recruitment, interview, etc., and took various measures to promote the early employment of graduates To serve the society.

    Xie Ruijin pointed out that employment is a livelihood project. It is related to people's survival and life, social harmony and stability, and employment is also an important condition to improve people's life. Xie Ruijin stressed that in order to do a good job in the employment of 2020 graduates in our college, we must adapt to the new situation and new problems under the new situation, especially during the period of epidemic prevention and control, broaden employment channels, enhance service awareness, educate students to change their employment concept, do more professional education for students, and encourage graduates to go to the grassroots, prevention front and places where the people need to go, so that they can have more To realize their own value.

    (contributed by: training department / Editor: Rao Wenting / checked by: Wang Zhisheng)