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    The research group of Provincial Education Department came to our college to investigate and guide the employment ag体育 of 2020 graduates

    2015-05-2020 editing date: second

    On May 14, Chen Feng, director of the student Department of the Provincial Department of education, and Shang Changgeng, director of the graduate employment guidance center, went to our college to investigate and guide the difficulties and problems existing in the employment of 2020 graduates and the employment situation of graduates from poverty-stricken families. Xie Ruijin, Secretary of the Party committee, Zhu Yinlong, member of the Party committee, main responsible comrades of the training department (internship and Employment Office) and departments attended the survey meeting and held a discussion on the investigation contents.

    Zhu Yinlong briefly reported the main methods, difficulties and problems in the employment ag体育 of 2020 graduates in our college, and said that he would attach great importance to the employment ag体育, implement the responsibility of employment ag体育, and earnestly do a good job of employment assistance, so as to ensure the overall stability of the employment rate of our graduates.

    Chen Feng pointed out that due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the employment ag体育 of 2020 university graduates has encountered unprecedented difficulties and challenges, and the employment rate of the whole province has decreased significantly compared with the same period of last year. Chen Feng stressed that it is necessary to seize the prime time before graduates leave school, increase ag体育 efforts to help students achieve employment as soon as possible; regularly carry out ag体育 scheduling and timely report the progress of employment ag体育; mainly focus on online recruitment (online) and organize small-scale offline recruitment activities; establish employment incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects; and focus on filing The employment assistance ag体育 of graduates from poor families should implement the "one life policy" to ensure that all graduates from poor families can get employment.

    Shang Changgeng inspected the employment assistance accounts of the graduates from poor families with filing and registration in our college, and pointed out that we should increase the strength of the support team, help students establish a correct employment concept, and do a good job in the employment guidance and service ag体育 for the graduates from poor families with filing and filing.

    (contributed by: training department / Editor: Rao Wenting / checked by: Wang Zhisheng)