Welcome home. Our school welcomes the first batch of returning students in 2020 Spring Semester - Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy.


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    Welcome home, our college is the first student to return to school in spring semester 2020.

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    Summer is close to Ye Cheng's curtain. In May 17th, Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy welcomed the first batch of students returning to school in spring semester in 2020. Party secretary Xie Ruijin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice president Zhang Hong, discipline inspection committee secretary Jiang Xifu, supervisor Fan Youhua, Party committee member Zhu Yinlong, Wang Xude and other top scorching sun visiting the condolences to return to school students and front-line teaching staff, to check and guide the epidemic prevention and control ag体育.

    According to the arrangement of the college, the returning students check the admission process according to the baggage killing, temperature detection, changing masks, verification of the ag体育 code and identity information, and check the qualified students to "go to school" and go to their respective dormitories. Schools have set up reception points at bus stops and railway stations, arranging special cars to send students back to school.

    The head of the hospital went to Chizhou railway station, bus station, student dormitory and dining hall to talk with students and front-line teaching staff, and inquired in detail about the situation of students returning to school. He urged students to strictly abide by the relevant management regulations, do personal protection well, and timely feedback when faced with difficulties.

    After returning to school, our college will continue to carry out ag体育 card punching through information technology, strictly implement the "daily report" and "zero report" system, actively carry out psychological guidance for students returning to school, guide students to adapt to campus life as soon as possible, strengthen the management of dormitories, disinfect the dormitory area in time, standardize students' meals, arrange proper meals for students, ensure the ag体育 of teachers and students. Concord and teaching are conducted in an orderly and stable manner.

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