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    Our school mobilize and deploy students to return to school

    Edit date: 2020-05-18 editor: Readings: second

    In the afternoon of May 14th, our college held a meeting for students to return to school. Xie Ruijin, Zhang Hong, Jiang Xifu, supervisor Fan Youhua, Party committee member Zhu Yinlong and Wang Xude attended the meeting; the middle-level cadres of the college, some faculty members and counselors attended the meeting.

    Xie Ruijin, Secretary of the Party committee of the Communist Party of China, pointed out that the pressure of foreign input is increasing. There is still much uncertainty in the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. Universities, as a crowded place, have a high degree of social concern, a difficult task of prevention and control, and a more severe challenge. We need to improve our ideological understanding and not hesitate to do a good job in normalizing epidemic prevention and control and returning students to school. As a ag体育 and ag体育 school, it is necessary to reflect professionalism and accuracy in various prevention and control measures, so as to accurately control the time of returning students to the pool and the way of returning to school. Each returning class instructor should accurately link up with students, inform the attention points and return ag体育 arrangements of returning to school, and ensure that every student returns to school safely and orderly.

    Xie Ruijin asked that all staff members who take part in the ag体育 of students returning to school should strictly follow the homecoming ag体育 plan and familiarize themselves with the procedures such as registration, temperature examination and reception service. We must isolate all sources of infection outside the campus and guard the campus safety island. In the reception process, we should show love and warmth, isolate the virus, but not isolate love.

    Xie Ruijin stressed that the conference was a pre war mobilization meeting for students to return to school. All staff members should enter the wartime state, strictly implement the various arrangements according to the requirements of the conference, highlight unity and cooperation, set up a chess idea in the whole hospital, carry out scientific and effective ag体育, ensure the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures, and ensure smooth convergence of ag体育.

    In the presided speech, Zhang Hong, deputy secretary and vice president of the Party committee of the CPC Committee, pointed out that it is a top priority for students to return to school and prepare for their studies. The participants should improve their political standing and do a good job of returning to school in the special period with a high sense of political responsibility and mission. Zhang Hong also made detailed arrangements for students to return to school, return to school and return to school, and put forward specific requirements.

    At the meeting, Wang Xude was trained in the training of epidemic prevention and control. The head of the student affairs office gave a detailed explanation of the students' return to school ag体育 plan, and explained the students' registration process and points for attention.

    According to the arrangement, the first batch of students in our college (grade two, grade three or four, grade three or four) will return to school in May 17th.

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