Secretary of the Party group of the provincial ag体育 committee came to our hospital for investigation


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    Secretary of the Party committee of our province came to investigate the ag体育 of our hospital

    May 21, 2020: editorial date: second

    On the afternoon of May 20, the Secretary of the Party committee came to our provincial ag体育 center for investigation. Cui Lijun, deputy director of provincial ag体育 and Health Commission, Wang Dayi, deputy director of personnel department, Xie Ruijin, Zhang Bing, Zhang Hong and Jiang Xifu, and Zhu Yinlong and Wang Xude, members of the Party committee, accompanied the investigation.

    After listening to the report of Xie Ruijin, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, he fully affirmed the achievements made in the ag体育 of our college and put forward guiding opinions and suggestions.

    Shan pointed out that it is necessary to earnestly study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on education, ag体育 and ag体育 ag体育, and plan the specialty construction and personnel training plan during the period of the "14th five year plan" around the development direction and key points of ag体育 undertakings in the whole province. We should strengthen exchanges and cooperation with brother colleges and technology companies, and actively integrate into the overall situation of "ag体育y Anhui" construction. According to the development plan of the college, we should strengthen the planning reserve of campus construction projects and speed up the pace of campus infrastructure construction.

    One way forward, it is required to explore the establishment of "Anhui rural doctor training base", establish a complete and mature training mode from the aspects of curriculum design, skill improvement, moral cultivation, knowledge learning, directional training, etc., and focus on the systematic engineering from the aspects of publicity, enrollment, employment and job security, so as to effectively solve the problem of "new people are not willing to ag体育, and the elderly can not do it" We should make great efforts to cultivate doctors in rural areas and become the cradle of ag体育 care for the whole province.

    Shan pointed out that we should pay more attention to the students, especially the graduates. We should take students as the starting point, regard students as important service subjects and objects, strengthen the tracking of graduates, visit them regularly, understand and solve practical difficulties and problems in their ag体育 as much as possible, cultivate warm and warm campus culture, train medical students with feelings and responsibilities, and contribute to the ag体育 of the people in the whole province.

    One way forward stressed that public ag体育 has become an increasingly important topic after the outbreak of new crown pneumonia. The state, provincial Party committee and provincial government attach great importance to the development of public ag体育. The college should find out the goal and orientation of the school, accurately meet the public ag体育 needs of the people, do a good job in long-term planning of various undertakings, constantly explore various development paths, strive to overcome some existing difficulties and shortcomings, and run the people's education that the party and the government are assured of and the masses are satisfied with.

    Xie Ruijin pointed out that Shan Qian's speech stood high and looked far ahead. He had a precise understanding of the development orientation of the college, and had high expectations and expectations for the development of the college. The staff of the college should further emancipate their minds, reform and innovation, seek truth and pragmatism, and make unremitting efforts to build the college into a high-level vocational college with distinctive characteristics.

    The person in charge of relevant departments of the college attended the forum.

    (contributed by: Office / Editor: Sheng Nan / checked by: Liu Shaofang)