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    Teach ideological and political course of epidemic prevention and keep the main position of Education

    Editing date: May 19, 2020 editor: Jin Yang reading times: second

    In order to transform the ideological and political materials during the anti epidemic period into educational resources that can move people's hearts, give play to the important role of Ideological and political theory course, and help the orderly development of teaching ag体育 after returning to school. On May 15, 2020, the Ministry of Ideological and political affairs carried out a collective lesson preparation activity of "the first lesson of school: responsibility and mission under the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia". Xie Ruijin, Secretary of the Party committee, participated in the collective lesson preparation activities as an ordinary teacher, and all full-time (Part-time) teachers from the ideological and political department attended the meeting.

    The collective lesson preparation activities were carried out in four aspects: clarifying the origin and development of the epidemic events; clarifying the response measures of the central government; clarifying the problems and system advantages reflected by the epidemic events; and clarifying the thinking and Enlightenment brought to us by the epidemic situation. All ideological and political teachers were fully prepared and expressed their own opinions, and launched a warm exchange and discussion. Feng Zhihua, deputy director of the ideological and Political Department, perfected and summarized the contents of collective lesson preparation.

    Xie Ruijin fully affirmed the speeches made by the participating teachers. He pointed out that the responsibility and mission under the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia should first be clear about the teaching subject. Ideological and political course should be combined with the college's professional characteristics to train medical ag体育ers who will undertake the mission for the future. The second is to face the limitations of prevention and control. Teachers of Ideological and political education should, from a professional perspective, speak positively about the limitations of public ag体育 prevention, learn from experience and lessons, fill in weaknesses, plug loopholes and strong and weak items, and guide students to better understand the epidemic situation, understand the epidemic situation and interpret the epidemic situation. The third is to combine the practice of returning to school. The smooth implementation of the return to school ag体育 of the college is inseparable from the efforts of every teacher and student. The "first lesson" should be able to closely combine with the ag体育 of the college, guide students to scientific prevention and control, practice excellent skills, and jointly promote the smooth implementation of the ag体育 of returning to school.

    The full-time (Part-time) teachers of the teaching and research section of innovation and entrepreneurship and employment guidance exchanged and discussed from the perspective of curriculum ideological and political.

    This activity not only enriches the teachers' ability of Ideological and political education, but also enhances the teachers' ability of Ideological and political preparation The research process of cooperation, practice and innovation has laid a foundation for improving the quality of Ideological and political ag体育 in our college.

    (contributed by: Ideological and Political Department / Editor: Zhang Yuan / checked by: Feng Zhihua)