The Academy commended excellent Communists, party ag体育ers and advanced Party organizations in recognition of Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy


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    The Academy commended the activities of outstanding communist party members, party ag体育ers and advanced Party organizations.

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    In order to encourage college party members and cadres and teachers and students to make progress in the field of epidemic prevention and control, online teaching, school resumption, poverty alleviation, in-depth promotion of the school governance system and governance capacity, speeding up the development of connotative high quality development and high skilled vocational colleges, we should actively create "good learning, advanced, advanced and advanced". Good atmosphere, encourage grass-roots party organizations and Party members to further play the role of fighting fortress and exemplary vanguard role. When the Communist Party of China was founded 99th anniversary, the college Party committee decided to award 12 honorary titles such as Liu Shaofang and the honorary title of outstanding communists, such as Wang Zhihao and other 11 comrades, the honorary titles of the party ag体育ers, and awarded 4 Party branches (Party branches) of the general Party branch of the nursing department. The grass-roots party organization honorary title.

    Academy commends outstanding communist party members in 2020

    List of outstanding party ag体育ers and advanced grass-roots party organizations

    Excellent Communist Party members

    Liu Shaofang, Mao Huifang, Liu Bin, Fei Yi, Yang Rui, Hu Yangxiu, Huang Pingping, Zhang Haoran

    Chen Yufei, Hong Hui, GUI Liang, Jiang Zhongwen

    Two. Outstanding party ag体育ers

    Wang Zhihao, Wu Dandan, Fang Kai, Feng Zhihua, GUI Jingjing, Shen Yonggang, Wu Jinxin, Chen Jinghua, Chen Jinghua,

    Three, advanced grass-roots party organizations

    The second party branches directly under the party's general branch directly under the Party branch belong directly to the fourth party branch.

    (contribution: Organization / personnel department / Editor: Sheng Nan / audit: Liu Shaofang)