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    President Zhang Bing attends all retiree general elections

    Edit date: 2020-06-29 editor: Yu Chen Hui reading frequency: second

    On the afternoon of June 28th, the retired Party branch held a retirement meeting of all the party members in the retirement branch Party member activity room (Mizuki Kiyoka residential property). The deputy party secretary and Dean Zhang Bing attended the meeting. The retired branch secretary Li Yuru presided over the meeting and organized the relevant personnel of the personnel department to attend the meeting.

    Li Yuru introduced the veteran comrades from the retirement branch and the activities of the retirement branch. Zhang Bing first expressed his condolences to the old comrades, and talked with the old comrades about the development and changes of the college. Zhang Bing pointed out that the college is a college full of historical details. The college has been renamed Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy. In the new historical period, it is more suitable for the concept of big ag体育. The college will usher in a good opportunity for the development of history. The current alumni information collection is also a good opportunity to promote the college. Many students in the college have taken an important position on all fronts. Position. Zhang Bing also introduced to the veteran comrades the construction of the teaching staff, the long-term development plan of the campus, and the preparations for the construction of the experimental and practical center.

    The old comrades have said that the development of the academy is a common effort from generation to generation. Under the leadership of the new Party committee and administrative leading body, the college will certainly get better and better. As an old comrade, he will continue to support the development of the college as always and be full of future for the future of the college.

    Subsequently, the retirement branch held all the party members' meetings to carry out the general election of the branch committee.

    (contribution: Organization / personnel department / Editor: Yu Chen Hui / audit: Zhu Yinlong)