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    Our hospital successfully held the pilot test of the Ministry of education 1+X "certificate of professional skills for mother and infant" in 2020.

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    In June 27th, our hospital successfully held the 1+X pilot test of "maternal and infant nursing vocational skills certificate" of the Ministry of education in 2020. A total of 50 candidates took part in the examination. Wang Xude, the Party committee member of the college, the Party branch secretary of the nursing department and the dean of the Department, were commissioned by the examiners to serve as the examiners.

    As one of the evaluation points of the 1+X "maternal and child nursing vocational skills certificate" in the Ministry of education, our college has conducted the pilot examination for the first time. The leaders of the college attached great importance to it and carefully guided it. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the examination, a ag体育ing group consisting of the academic affairs department, the nursing department, the basic department, the graphic information center, the security office and the general affairs office was set up, and the division of responsibilities of each department was clearly defined.

    The examination items are mainly divided into two parts. The first part is the examination of theoretical knowledge. The computer test is used to test the students' mastery of the theoretical knowledge of maternal and infant care. The second part is the operation examination, which focuses on assessing the students' mastery of the related operation of mother and infant care. The teachers who obtained the qualification of the examiners and the teachers of the examiners and technicians participated in the invigilator. The whole process of examination is tight and orderly, discipline is good and the netag体育 is smooth. The organization and discipline of examinations are well received and affirmed by the third party organizations.

    (contribution: nursing department / Editor: Wu Jinxin / audit: Wang Xude)