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    Dean Zhang Bing led a tour to Anqing Medical and Pharmaceutical ag体育

    Edit date: 2020-07-02 editor: Readings: second

    In order to learn from the successful experience and good practices of the construction of infrastructure in the brothers colleges and universities, we accelerated the pace of information construction in our library and campus. In the afternoon of June 30th, Zhang Bing, President of Anqing Medical and Pharmaceutical ag体育, visited the Anqing Medical and Pharmaceutical ag体育.

    Yao Wenbing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of Anqing Medical and Pharmaceutical ag体育, Zhu Qingfeng, member of the Party committee and vice president, and the heads of relevant departments, warmly received the inspection team of our institute. The two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges. Yao Wenbing said that the two schools across the river have a long history and have been communicating with each other for a long time. They have a good foundation for cooperation and mutual learning. Zhu Qingfeng introduced the current situation of Library and campus information construction in the school, hoped that the two schools should strengthen interaction and carry out exchanges and cooperation in various ways and make common progress. Chen Zhi, assistant director of the Information Technology Department of the school, made a special report entitled "smart campus to let data speak, query more convenient and make decisions more scientific". It introduced in detail the planning, construction process, problems and prospects of the University's informatization construction.

    Zhang Bing thanked Anqing Medical and Pharmaceutical ag体育 for its warm reception. The two schools are basically similar. The library and information technology in your university have gone one step ahead. The investigation and communication provided valuable experience for our library and information construction. We hope that the two schools will continue to deepen exchanges and go hand in hand. Leaders from both sides also exchanged views on the construction of campus infrastructure, the development characteristics of medical schools, and performance related pay.

    The inspection team also inspected the overall functional layout and decoration of the library, and visited the big data center computer room, integrated wiring, campus environment and so on.

    Zhang Bing pointed out that the library is an important part of campus culture and an important position for campus culture construction. Information construction is an important part of higher education level and connotation construction. Campus information and intelligence construction is a complex and comprehensive project, and can not be accomplished overnight. The image and text information center should strengthen learning, combine the modern library's functional characteristics and the trend of information development, boldly innovate, do top-level design, implement step by step, strive to catch up with the rest of the world; the general affairs office should fully cooperate with the graphic information center to do a good job in the related infrastructure construction.

    (contribution: Graphic Information Center / Editor: Liu Wen / audit: Fei Yi)