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    Enrollment expansion of Higher Vocational Education in 2020

    August 2020-19, edited by: second

    Recently, the Education Department of Anhui Province issued a notice to start the expansion of Higher Vocational Education in 2020.

    In 2020, the enrollment target of Higher Vocational Education in our college is: Anhui Province in-service grassroots ag体育 technical personnel and social personnel with high school or secondary school education. Among them, the clinical medicine specialty shall be the on-the-job grassroots ag体育 technical personnel in our province, and shall meet one of the following conditions: (1) it shall obtain the qualification certificate of practicing assistant physician or above issued by the provincial ag体育 administration department; (2) obtain the corresponding professional education degree listed in this article of the provincial general secondary school recognized by the state; (3) obtain the certificate issued by the ag体育 administrative department at or above the county level Issued by the rural doctor practice certificate and with secondary school education. Apply for nursing and other majors should obtain high school or secondary vocational education.

    In recent years, as a school directly under the Anhui Provincial Health Commission, the college closely focuses on the construction layout of "ag体育y Anhui", accurately meets the public ag体育 needs of the people, and constantly reforms the talent training mode. Especially in the construction of the curriculum system of clinical medicine, the college takes the national professional standard of clinical medicine as the core course, focusing on the requirements of practicing assistant physician examination and rural doctor post To formulate the training plan for rural doctors, the curriculum was compiled under the guidance of the examination syllabus of practicing assistant doctors. The typical tasks of rural doctors' post competency were decomposed into knowledge and skills to design classroom teaching. At the same time, modular teaching was carried out accurately with 1 + X examination. The training standard of rural doctors was established step by step, and the new training mode of rural doctors in Anhui Province was explored.

    Our college will adopt the combination of online and offline learning methods, and issue full-time college diploma after graduation. Enrollment methods, registration time and enrollment regulations will be announced on the college enrollment information netag体育. Tel: 0566-3388559, 3388558.

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