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    Anhui rural doctors information application technology training class held in our hospital

    Editing date: August 20, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    In order to further promote the informatization application level of rural doctors in our province, improve the service ability of grass-roots units and improve the medical experience of residents, the second, third and fourth training courses of informatization application technology for rural doctors in Anhui Province, sponsored by the Provincial Health Commission and undertaken by our hospital, were held in our hospital from August 10 to 19. A total of 473 rural doctors and grassroots management backbones participated in the training, including three districts and four counties under Fuyang City, Lujiang County of Hefei City, Lingbi county and Si county of Suzhou City, Jin'an District, Huoqiu County and Shucheng County of Lu'an City, Quanjiao County of Chuzhou City, Qingyang County of Chizhou City, Susong County, Taihu County, Yuexi County of Anqing City, Woyang County of Bozhou City, Shouxian County of Huainan City, Yi'an District of Tongling City and Qimen County of Huangshan City participated in the training Training.

    The training was given by the relevant responsible comrades of the grassroots department and Planning Department of the provincial ag体育 commission. At the same time, experts from iFLYTEK, good doctor company, Jingqi netag体育 technology company and experienced teachers from our hospital were invited to explain basic public ag体育 services, "two card system", "intelligent medical assistant" and teaching skills and methods. The training adopts the combination of theoretical teaching, computer operation and classroom test. The college issues graduation certificates to the students who have passed the training assessment, which effectively improves the basic information application level of the students.


    Theory Teaching

    Computer operation

    According to the requirements of "Anhui Province rural doctors information application technology training program", the provincial rural doctors information application technology training plan is arranged for 10 periods. Each county uses the provincial training teachers to complete the training of all local rural doctors, so as to ensure that each rural doctor "can use, use and use" information application technology, and better provide convenient and efficient medical and ag体育 care for the grassroots people Health services.

    (contributed by: training department / Editor: Rao Wenting / checked by: Wang Zhisheng)

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