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    Vice Mayor Jia Hui came to our hospital for investigation

    Editing date: September 8, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    On the afternoon of September 7, Jia Zhen, vice mayor of Chizhou Municipal People's government, came to our hospital for investigation and presided over a forum to discuss matters related to cooperation and co construction with our hospital. Leaders Xie Ruijin, Zhang Bing, Zhang Hong, supervisor fan Youhua, and Party committee members Zhu Yinlong and Wang Xude attended the forum. The investigation was accompanied by Liu Baoquan, director of Chizhou Health Committee.

    Jia pointed out that cooperation in building Anhui Vocational ag体育 of ag体育 and ag体育 is a concrete embodiment of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Forum on Solidly Promoting the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and strengthening the construction of public ag体育 service system. Chizhou Municipal People's government and Anhui Provincial Health Commission will jointly promote the college to adjust and optimize the professional structure of medical education suitable for the development of medical and ag体育 undertakings and ag体育 industry, strengthen the training of talents in the field of primary ag体育 care and ag体育, and strive to create a high-level applied undergraduate vocational college.

    On behalf of the college, Xie Ruijin expressed thanks to the Chizhou Municipal People's government for its strong support all the time. She pointed out that through cooperation, Chizhou City's ag体育 industry brand should be built, and the shortcomings of grass-roots ag体育 ag体育 should be supplemented, and all resources should be effectively integrated to realize the high-quality development of Chizhou City and the college.

    At the meeting, Zhang Bing gave a detailed explanation on the cooperation between the college and Chizhou Municipal People's government. The two sides have reached a lot of consensus on project cooperation, policy support, resource integration and other aspects in order to serve the development of Chizhou's ag体育 cause and big ag体育 industry, as well as the development goal of building a high-level application-oriented vocational college. They decided to sign a memorandum of cooperation to promote the implementation of the next step of cooperation.

    (contributed by: Office / Editor: Sheng Nan / checked by: Liu Shaofang)

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