A letter to the staff of Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 vocational college to celebrate the 36th teachers' Day


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    A letter to all faculty members

    Editing date: September 9, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    Faculty and staff:

    Spring wind and rain moisten peaches and plums, fruitful, praise teacher's kindness. On the occasion of the 36th National Teacher's day, the college would like to extend the festival greetings and sincere greetings to the teachers who are conscientious and selfless! I would like to express my sincere sympathy and heartfelt thanks to the staff who have ag体育ed hard and ag体育ed hard in scientific research, teaching assistance, management and service! I would like to express my high respect and best wishes to the retired staff who have made important contributions to the college and have been concerned about and supported the reform, development and construction of the college!

    In the past year and the first half of this year, the majority of teachers in the college have made great efforts and achieved fruitful results in teaching and educating people, academic research, evaluation and construction, enrollment and employment, logistics support, and professional ability improvement. In 2019, the enrollment ag体育 reached a record high, ranking 19th in 74 Higher Vocational ag体育s in the province for the first time, and successfully completed the expansion task for social personnel issued by the Provincial Department of education; the rehabilitation treatment technology major was selected as the national backbone specialty; the provincial school enterprise cooperation demonstration base was jointly applied and approved with Wuhu Fifth People's Hospital; excellent results were obtained in student skills competition; and five specialties were approved for education Ministry of ag体育 and Health Commission of 44 cities and counties signed an order oriented training agreement for rural doctors. The newly renovated canteen and commercial street have taken on a new look. The sports stand project with an investment of more than 9 million yuan has been completed and put into use, which has become a brilliant business card of the college. The comprehensive teaching building has also been capped, the reconstruction of students' dormitories is about to be completed, and the improvement project of campus environment is more than half of the progress, which will further optimize the operating conditions and improve the school running taste. In August this year, the Provincial Health Commission and Guichi District Development and Reform Commission approved the college's construction of training practice base project, which laid an important foundation for the college to achieve high-quality development. In particular, during the outbreak of new crown pneumonia this year, in response to the call of the Ministry of education to "suspend classes without suspension", the college opened 410 online courses, and 149 teachers participated in online teaching. After students returned to school, they implemented the teaching method of combining online and offline, so as to achieve organic convergence. At the same time, the college teachers and students actively participate in the front line of prevention and control, emerging a large number of advanced models of taking responsibility in the face of danger and selfless dedication. In the past summer vacation, the majority of cadres and ag体育ers gave up their rest time, took the initiative to ag体育, and actively participated in the enrollment boom. With a serious and responsible attitude, the quality of hard ag体育 and dedication of the master spirit, they jointly built a campus of love and warmth, honesty and friendliness, positive and positive, which explained the realm and character of teachers in our college.

    The year 2020 is the end of the 13th five year plan and the 14th five year plan. The college adheres to the socialist orientation of running a school, takes Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era as the guide, thoroughly implements the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 4th Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and the spirit of the national provincial education conference. It actively promotes the reform of the cadre and personnel system, strengthens the construction of the teaching staff, and strives to improve the internal governance structure. These achievements are the result of the concerted efforts of all teachers and students. Based on the new era, standing at a new starting point and looking at the present, the college is in a critical period of development. Opportunities and challenges coexist. The majority of faculty and staff show a high sense of responsibility, overall situation awareness and dedication. Looking forward to the future, we need to make arduous efforts to turn the blueprint for the development of the college into reality. We need all the staff to unite and forge ahead.

    Education is the overall plan of the country and the party. Education is lofty and great. Teachers are the first resource for the development of the college, the fundamental power to promote the reform and development of the college, and the key factor to enhance the core competitiveness of the college. It is hoped that under the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, teachers will not forget their original intention of educating people, keep in mind their mission, consciously use the "Four Consciousness" to guide, use "four confidence" to strengthen the foundation, and "two maintenance" to cast their soul. Adhere to the party's education policy, fully implement the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people, adhere to self-reliance, self-cultivation, diligent learning and good thinking, rigorous scholarship, love as the boat, heart as the oar, establish a good teacher's moral demeanor, strive to be a "Four Haves" good teacher and "four guides", and constantly improve teachers' teaching and education ability and scientific research level. Based on the position and striving for excellence, we should make new contributions to the education of people's satisfaction, the cultivation of high-quality ag体育 talents and the construction of high-level vocational colleges.

    Finally, I sincerely wish all the staff a happy holiday, good ag体育, smooth ag体育 and happy family!

    Anhui Health Vocational ag体育

    September 9, 2020

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