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    Exhibition of outstanding teachers in 2019-2020 academic year

    Editing date: September 9, 2020 editor: times of reading: second

    Chen Xiaoling, female, 45 years old, CPC member, Bachelor of medicine, associate professor. He is currently the director of the academic affairs office, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee (in charge of the ag体育), and deputy to the Fourth National People's Congress of Chizhou City. Comrade Chen Xiaoling is loyal to the party's educational cause and has a strong sense of responsibility and dedication. In teaching management, she adheres to the construction of connotation as the main line and professional construction as the starting point, so as to comprehensively implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating talents. In 2019, he guided students to participate in the provincial medical laboratory technology professional skills competition and won the second prize. During the epidemic period of this year, we implemented the principle of "no stop teaching and no suspension of school", studied and formulated the college's online teaching ag体育 plan, timely coordinated departments to adjust teaching plans, strengthened online teaching management, and formulated online teaching ag体育load identification and assessment system. The comrade always uses the standard of Party members to measure and demand himself strictly, and constantly enhances the consciousness of Party members and the cultivation of party spirit. We should be happy to teach, love students, set up education by example, and strive to set an example and play a leading role. For many years in a row, he has been awarded excellent teaching quality evaluation and excellent annual assessment of the college.

    Chen Yufei, master, lecturer, graduated from Southeast University in 2011. At present, he is the deputy director of the Department of ag体育 services and the Deputy Secretary of the general Party branch. He is the leader of the elderly service and management major. He is responsible for the teaching of many courses such as "communication skills for elderly services", "service etiquette and ethics for the elderly". Since 2015, as a counselor, the annual employment rate of graduates in the whole school has reached 100%. Actively organized the party and League practice activities of department students, and won the honorary titles of "Chizhou Excellent Communist Youth League cadre" in 2018, "young post expert" of Chizhou City in 2019, and "Excellent Communist Party member" of the college. He presided over and participated in several provincial teaching and research projects, and published dozens of related papers.

    Fang Youzhi, male, 36 years old, CPC member, Bachelor of medicine, lecturer. Department of clinical medicine. Since May 2017, he has actively responded to the call of the Organization Department of the Anhui provincial Party committee, and has been selected to ag体育 for poverty alleviation in Linshui village, Linshui Town, Huoqiu County, Lu'an City, as the deputy leader of the poverty alleviation team. He is loyal to the party's education cause. He has high political and ideological consciousness, is upright, honest, and has a strong sense of career and responsibility. He has always taught and educated people and served the public throughout his ag体育. He required himself to be an advanced Communist Party member and made certain achievements in his ordinary ag体育. He was highly praised by students, colleagues and leaders and won many times The teaching quality evaluation is excellent and the annual assessment of the college is excellent.

    Ge Liang, a graduate student, has been engaged in teaching and student management since he joined the University. In recent years, we have achieved good results in teaching and student management. In terms of teaching, it mainly undertakes the teaching ag体育 of Biochemistry, medical chemistry, nutrition and diet and other courses. It can integrate theory with practice in teaching and mobilize students' enthusiasm for learning, which is welcomed by students. He has presided over 2 teaching and research projects at the Institute level, participated in a number of teaching and research projects at all levels, and published many papers. In terms of student management, he is conscientious and responsible, keeps in mind the fundamental task of "cultivating morality and cultivating talents", and cares about the growth and development of students. He has successively undertaken the ag体育 of counselors in three classes, and his classes have won many honors in various competitions at all levels.

    Hong Hui is an English teacher and lecturer in the basic department. He mainly undertakes the course of ag体育 English. He served as a propaganda committee member in the second branch of the former Department of ag体育 services, and continued to serve as the propaganda committee member of the educational affairs office after the branch was changed. In the 12 years of teaching career, he has been loyal to the party's education cause, made outstanding achievements in ordinary posts, and won the unanimous praise of college leaders and teachers and students. In recent years, comrade Hong Hui has been strict with himself in all aspects with the standard of excellent party members, stressing practical results and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. We should constantly improve ourselves, irrigate the fertile land of education with painstaking efforts, and make ourselves an excellent teacher of the people.

    Hong Yong, graduated from Anhui Medical University, has been engaged in education and teaching for more than ten years. Since August 2008, I have been ag体育ing as a part-time counselor. In the 12 years of education ag体育, we can treat every student with "love, responsibility, patience", and take the initiative to communicate with students on an equal basis. The class has not had any accident, and has won many honorary titles such as advanced class collective, excellent League branch, etc. In terms of teaching, he is the backbone teacher of the medical department, mainly responsible for the teaching of human anatomy. He has a serious attitude in the teaching process, actively prepares lessons, actively studies and uses advanced education methods. Good teaching effect has been achieved. In recent years, participated in the compilation of a textbook. Presided over and completed two class II teaching and research projects, and participated in a number of education and teaching research projects.

    Hu Huiping, female, director of pediatric teaching and research section, Department of nursing, master's degree, attending physician, associate professor. Mainly engaged in "internal medicine nursing", "ag体育 assessment", "critical care" and other courses of teaching. He was selected as the backbone teacher of the college in 2015 and 2019, and was selected into the support program for outstanding young talents in Anhui colleges and universities in 2019. At present, he has presided over one provincial key scientific research project, one provincial teaching and research project, and presided over the large-scale online open course of critical care (MOOC), and published 5 papers in recent three years. For many years, it has been abided by the moral standards of teachers, which is well received by the majority of students.

    Hu Yangxiu, male, Ph.D. in psychology, lecturer, national level II psychological consultant, deputy director of Student Department. He has been engaged in the teaching of psychology related courses for 8 years, and is welcomed by the majority of students. The teaching evaluation has been "good" or "excellent" for many times. In 2015, the college was awarded as the backbone teacher. He has presided over one provincial major project and three key projects. He has published more than 10 professional papers, among which "Research on ag体育 promotion and Countermeasures for the elderly in new cities in the process of Urbanization - based on the investigation of Chizhou City" was awarded the second prize of research achievements by Anhui provincial ag体育 and Family Planning Commission and Anhui Federation of social sciences. From August 2013 to September 2018, he was continuously engaged in counselor ag体育, and was "excellent" in the 2017-2018 academic year counselor ag体育 assessment.

    Huang Pingping, graduated from Anhui Medical University, majored in clinical medicine. Since she entered Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 vocational college in July 2000, she has undertaken the teaching of Obstetrics and gynecology nursing, gynecology nursing, midwifery, family planning technology, foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, general medicine introduction, obstetrics and Gynecology, and infectious diseases. She was the head teacher of grade 2011 and grade 2012 in higher vocational nursing. At present, she is also the counselor of five classes of three majors in the social enrollment expansion of grade 2019. The class won the title of advanced class collective and excellent League branch of the college for many times, and many students in the class won provincial honors. In May 2019, he guided the students to participate in the first "Anhui college students midwifery skills competition" and won the group third prize. In the teaching ag体育, we have made great efforts, outstanding teaching ability, and won the unanimous praise of teachers and students.

    Jiang Xifu, associate professor, member of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission. After graduation, he has been engaged in teaching and administration in the ag体育 (including former provincial family planning school and population Vocational ag体育). As an educator with 32 years of teaching experience, especially the veteran party member who has been trained by the party for more than 20 years, he has always been based on his own post, adhered to the guidance of Marxism, established "Four Consciousness", strengthened "four self-confidence", achieved "two maintenance", and always maintained a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in ideology, politics and action. Adhering to the principle of teaching and educating people, adhering to the idea of teaching and educating people, adhering to the idea of "taking career needs as the goal of life", and striving to be heart-centered, conscientious, conscientious in performing their duties, serving teachers and students, the teaching and management tasks were well completed, and the students were well reflected, and they were also recognized by leaders and colleagues. Over the years, it has been awarded the title of "Excellent Communist Party member of Chizhou City" for many times in the hospital assessment, won the title of advanced ag体育er in finance and accounting of labor union in 2003, advanced individual of labor union in Chizhou City in 2015, participated in the inspection tour of provincial Party committee in 2016, and was praised by the discipline inspection group of the Standing Committee. He has published 4 papers in CN (one of which won the excellent award), participated in the compilation of 3 teaching materials (2 of which are Deputy editors) and participated in the compilation of "reader" of the former national ag体育 and Family Planning Commission.

    Liang Xiaoju, graduated from Bengbu Medical ag体育, majored in nursing, lecturer and nurse in charge. Since entering the college in 2009, I have undertaken the teaching ag体育 of nursing foundation, introduction to nursing, humanistic cultivation and communication technology of nurses, nursing psychology, etc. Actively explore teaching reform, presided over and participated in a number of teaching and research projects, and applied the content of teaching reform and practice, and achieved good results. He has won the second prize and the third prize of Anhui Province.

    Liu Mingli, female, master's degree student, is mainly engaged in the teaching of physics, radiation physics and protection, optical technology of glasses, computer application foundation and other courses. She is conscientious and devoted to education and teaching, bravely shouldering heavy responsibilities and striving to be a good teacher of "Four Haves". Since entering the University, he has presided over one university level scientific research project, participated in a number of teaching and scientific research projects at all levels, published many articles in various magazines, and made great efforts to fill the gap of optical technology teachers in the college, and achieved good results in teaching and student management. The Counselor's high school nursing class 1627 had a strong learning atmosphere, and was rated as the advanced class group of 2016 / 2017 academic year, and was also rated as excellent counselor in the 2017 / 2018 academic year.

    Qin Ying, master, lecturer, graduated from Wuhan Institute of physical education in 2013. In the past seven years, I have mainly undertaken the teaching tasks of "physical education", "body building", "make-up design" and other courses. In the ag体育, we can attach great importance to ideological education and cultivate students to adhere to "comprehensive education". In class, he is good at mobilizing students' enthusiasm and practicing his love for sports ag体育 with practical actions. As the instructor of the college dance team, he guided students to participate in the sports dance, competitive aerobics, cheerleading and other events of Anhui University Students in 2019, and won two provincial second prizes and seven third prizes.

    Shen Yonggang, member of the CPC, lecturer, member of the organization of the general Party branch of the nursing department, Secretary of the second party branch of the nursing department, Party Secretary of the nursing department, director of the comprehensive nursing teaching and research department, and chairman of the division of Labor Committee of the nursing department. In 2006, he obtained a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine from Anhui Medical University and a master's degree in human anatomy, histology and Embryology from Anhui Medical University in 2015. As a Communist Party member fighting in the front line of education, he successively served as the funding Commissioner, student secretary, teaching secretary and party secretary in the nursing department. While completing the ag体育 of the nursing department, he served as the head teacher of nursing 1357, nursing 1869 and 1901 class of higher vocational nursing. In recent years, he has presided over one provincial key natural science project, one provincial teaching and research project, published five papers, participated in the compilation of two textbooks for the 13th five year plan of the national ag体育 and Family Planning Commission, and won the title of excellent Party member at the hospital level once, and excellent party ag体育er at the hospital level once. In his ag体育, Comrade Shen Yonggang is conscientious and responsible, diligent and pragmatic, unites his comrades, obeys the overall situation, and through his own continuous efforts, he has established a good image among the party members and the masses.

    Tan Wei, a member of the Communist Party of China and lecturer, graduated from Wannan Medical ag体育 in 2005. Now he is the Secretary of the second branch of the medical department, director of the pharmacy teaching and research section, and a leader in pharmacy. He has been teaching pharmacology, clinical pharmacotherapy, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and oral science. He participated in the compilation of pharmacology and clinical pharmacotherapeutics by people's Health Publishing House and other publishing houses. He presided over the provincial project "teaching team of Pharmacy Specialty"; he presided over the university level projects of "pharmacology excellent course", "pharmacology MOOC", etc.

    Wang Zhihao, deputy senior title, deputy director of Student Department (in charge of the ag体育). For many years, he has been deeply supported by the poor students to complete their education from their families for more than 20 years. In recent years, we have insisted on taking moral education as the fundamental task. Especially during the epidemic period, we should strengthen the communication with the classes and students contacted, pay attention to the students' ideological dynamics and psychological state, help them relieve their learning pressure, transfer positive energy, and enable them to take the initiative to complete the online learning task, which is highly praised by students and their parents. In recent years, teaching evaluation has been "good" or "excellent" for many times. In recent three years, he has participated in compiling national planning textbooks of human body structure and function and physiology.

    Yang Fang, lecturer. At present, he is the leader of rehabilitation treatment technology specialty and member of rehabilitation innovation and entrepreneurship education group of China Rehabilitation Medical Association. Since entering our hospital in 2007, I have been mainly responsible for the teaching of pharmacology and introduction to rehabilitation medicine. In the teaching process, we can use inquiry learning, case teaching and other teaching methods to mobilize students' learning enthusiasm and achieve better teaching effect. Guide the students to win the bronze award of creative group in the second "Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship competition of Anhui Province, the first prize of the first college counselor professional ability competition, the third prize of group award in the 2019 Anhui ag体育 Students' rehabilitation treatment technology skills competition, and guide the students to win the Fourth National Vocational ag体育 rehabilitation professional students' skills competition in 2019 He was awarded the third prize of rehabilitation treatment, the second prize of theoretical single item, and the title of "excellent counselor" in 2018-2019 academic year.

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