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Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy One thousand nine hundred and twenty-six In recent years, the "Wuhu hospital nurses school" came into existence today. Ninety-three With the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the course of the year has gradually developed and expanded, and has written a brilliant history.

(1) preparing for the establishment of the business. One thousand nine hundred and twenty-six Year - One thousand nine hundred and forty-nine Year)

Formerly known as the Wuhu Huishan senior vocational nursing school, the school was founded in Shanghai. One thousand nine hundred and twenty-six In, the school was founded in the "Wuhu hospital" in the American Christian Church in Wuhu. One thousand nine hundred and thirty-six In order to commemorate the founder and first president of the hospital, he Huairen and the second Dean of the hospital were named as "Wuhu hospital Huai let senior nurse vocational school". Wuhu hospital Huai senior nurse vocational school admissions a class every year, initially recruited junior high school graduates, since One thousand nine hundred and thirty-one Two years later, both junior high school graduates and high school graduates were enrolled. In addition to the establishment of Christian religious courses and religious activities, the teaching content of the school is basically the same as that of the current curriculum, namely general courses, medical basic courses and clinical professional courses. Because it is a hospital. , The purpose of running a school is mainly to train clinical nursing professionals, and to take part of clinical nursing ag体育 in hospitals. Because the school has always been a hospital, there are few full-time staff except principals. After the liberation of Wuhu, when the people's government took over the school, the school included classrooms and student dormitories. Eight hundred and fifty The teaching equipment and materials are very poor except for square meters and desk chairs. One hundred and seventy-one Pieces, books Sixty-five Ben, full-time staff and ag体育ers Six People. Wuhu Huai Hong senior nurse vocational school from One thousand nine hundred and twenty-six Established in 2003 One thousand nine hundred and forty-nine In the twenty-three years after liberation, only medical personnel were trained. One hundred and seven People.

(two) twists and turns. One thousand nine hundred and forty-nine Year - One thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine Year)

1949 Four In July, after the liberation of Wuhu, the party and government took over the school. One thousand nine hundred and fifty year Three It was renamed the Wuhu hospital nursing school. One thousand nine hundred and fifty-two It was renamed the first nursing school in Wuhu in 2003, and the school is managed by the Wuhu Municipal Committee and the Health Bureau. One thousand nine hundred and fifty-three In 2003, the nursing department of the second nursing school in Wuhu (formerly affiliated to the first people's Hospital of Wuhu), the Tunxi nursing school and the nursing school of Wannan ag体育 school were merged and named as Wuhu nursing school. One thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight Since then, doctors and midwives have been set up to develop into a comprehensive secondary ag体育 school. 1958 Ten The name of the month was changed to Wuhu ag体育 school in Anhui Province, which was managed by the provincial ag体育 department and the Wuhu municipal Party committee. The building of Wuhu ag体育 school has been built from scratch to small to large. After more than 10 years of gradual construction, the area of the school has reached an area of Three thousand Square metre, gross floor area Four thousand nine hundred and seventy-six Square meters, for teaching purposes Two thousand and twenty-seven There is one in Ping Mei. Four hundred There are more than 30000 books in the small Stadium on the meter runway, and the teaching equipment is worth one million yuan, of which more than 100 are microscopes. When studying human anatomy, a group has a corpse. When studying physiology, a team is equipped with a set of electric recording equipment for studying physiological activities. It has become a relatively complete place for teachers, equipment, books and teaching bases throughout the country. Multi professional intermediate ag体育 school. According to statistics, Wuhu ag体育 school was then the school teacher. Sixty-four Name of which graduated from higher education institutions Twenty-five name , ag体育 graduates Fifteen Graduated from secondary vocational school and trained by specialist teachers in medical colleges and universities. Twenty-four Name. One thousand nine hundred and sixty-four In 2003, the central Ministry of Health decided that Wuhu ag体育 school is one of the eight national ag体育 schools with key links between the central Ministry of ag体育 and Wuhu ag体育 school. It is also one of the key ag体育 schools in Anhui provincial ag体育 department.

During the "Cultural Revolution", the "Gang of four" agents in Anhui carried out a very "left" line. One thousand nine hundred and sixty-six year Six Schools were forced to suspend classes since June. The "Gang of four" agents in Anhui forcibly broke up the Wuhu ag体育 school and asked the entire school staff to divide into five places together with their families to go to the countryside. The school became the most serious area of the "Cultural Revolution".

(three) consolidation and development period. One thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine Year - One thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven Year)

In January 1969, following the instructions of the Revolutionary Committee of Anhui Province, Wuhu Health School of Anhui province moved from Wuhu to Chizhou, renamed Anhui Chizhou ag体育 school. One thousand nine hundred and seventy-two Enrollment began in 2008. The school is under the leadership of the Chizhou prefectural Party committee and the Executive Office (business, enrollment and distribution, led by the Provincial Department of Health). Since the smashing of the gang of four, especially since the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, the party's guiding ideology and practical ag体育 have set things right. , The school is thriving and thriving. One thousand nine hundred and eighty year Four Chizhou's administrative office was revoked in February, and the school was relocated to the leadership of the Anqing prefectural Party committee and the executive office. School area Ninety-one Mu, total area of school buildings Twelve thousand four hundred and forty-two point six zero Square meters, including teaching rooms (including classrooms, laboratories and libraries). Six thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine point one six Square meters, living, welfare and ancillary housing Five thousand seven hundred and thirteen point four four Square meters, and Two hundred A sports field on the runway. Fifteen Mu. The school library has three library rooms and two reading rooms. Four hundred and thirty-three Square meters, books. Twenty-nine thousand one hundred and twenty-three Volume. The school has a microscope. Ninety-eight Table, analytical balance Nine Taiwan, fridge Eight Movie projector One Taiwan, value Three hundred More valuable instruments and equipment above yuan. One hundred and seventy-seven Taiwan (unit). The school has three specialties, namely, doctors, nurses and midwives, and the educational system is three years. The school has staff. One hundred and twelve People, teachers Sixty-nine Man, deputy chief physician One Person, lecturer, attending physician Nineteen Person, chief physician Three People, teachers Twenty-four People.

(four) the period of steady improvement. One thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven Year - Two thousand Year)

1987 Seven month One The Nikkei provincial government approved the school to be renamed the family planning school of Anhui Province, which is under the jurisdiction of the Anhui Family Planning Commission. Its main function is to train professionals who are skilled in technology and manage family planning and train on-the-job cadres on the family planning front. One thousand nine hundred and ninety-five In 2003, the provincial government invested in building one. Five thousand and six hundred Square meters of teaching laboratory building, One thousand nine hundred and ninety-six It was put into operation in autumn. One thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Approved by the Provincial Education Commission in, "Nanjing correspondence school for population management cadres' school," the first junior college student. One thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Classes begin in autumn. Since 90s, the school has been funded by the United Nations Population Fund, and the family planning maternal and child ag体育 clinic has been set up. One thousand nine hundred and ninety-three year Eight March is a comprehensive clinic. One thousand nine hundred and ninety-four year Eight The provincial government approved the establishment of a Affiliated Hospital. The hospital has obstetrics and Gynecology, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, otolaryngology, sexual medicine and pathology. B Hypersection, electrocardiogram, Radiology, clinical laboratory and other departments. School occupation Ninety-three Mu, teaching staff One hundred and thirty-one People, plus recruitment and re employment personnel. One hundred and seventy A full-time teacher with a bachelor's degree. Eighty-three A senior lecturer and deputy chief physician with a senior title. Twenty-six A lecturer or attending physician with an intermediate title. Twenty-eight People. The school has auditorium, bathroom, canteen and guest house. Three thousand After the use of multi square meters of student apartments, the living environment of students gradually develops towards spacious and beautified direction.

2000 Two Vice governor Jiang Zuojun instructed the school to be transformed into a higher Career Technical ag体育. Two thousand year Nine The Ministry of education of the menstrual cycle approved the establishment of the "Chizhou teaching point of Wangnan Medical ag体育", jointly organized the general specialized courses with Wangnan Medical ag体育, and joined the Adult Education ag体育 of Medical University Of Anhui. Two thousand and eight year One In June, the Chizhou Municipal People's government and the Anhui provincial population and Family Planning Commission signed the memorandum on the overall relocation of family planning schools in Anhui Province, and agreed to support the support of Anhui's family planning school to the Chizhou Education Park. Two thousand and nine year Eight In April, the first phase of the new campus was broken down. Two thousand and ten year Eight The new campus has been built and put into operation.

(five) forge ahead. Two thousand and twelve Year to date)

2012 Three In June, approved by the Anhui Provincial People's government and approved by the Ministry of education, the school upgraded to a state-level public higher vocational school, named Anhui population Career Academy, under the jurisdiction of the Anhui provincial population and Family Planning Commission. It accepted the guidance of the Anhui Provincial Education Department, marking the college's full-time full-time colleges and universities. Two thousand and thirteen year Five In April, Wang Xia, the former director of the national population and Family Planning Commission, and Liang Weiguo, vice governor of the Anhui Provincial People's government, jointly unveiled the establishment of the college. Two thousand and seventeen year Five In June, approved by the Anhui Provincial People's government, the Ministry of Education approved the record, and the college was renamed Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy.

The college now covers an area. Five hundred and twenty-one Mu, gross floor area Eight point eight 000 square meters. Existing staff Two hundred and five Man, full-time teacher One hundred and forty A person with a master's degree or above. Fifty-two Person, vice senior or above title Thirty-four Man is tall Three People. Students in school Four thousand and fifty-one People. The college has nursing department, ag体育 service department, medical technology department and public basic department, ideological and political department. Five A department of teaching, set up a major. Fifteen First, there are clinical nursing, medical laboratory techniques and rehabilitation techniques in the hospital. Eight There are a variety of laboratories in the experimental training center. One hundred and eleven One, practice training base outside the hospital. Sixty More than one. Two thousand and twelve year Twelve In April, the former national population and Family Planning Commission approved the establishment of the national education and training base for population and family planning professionalism and put it into operation. Two thousand and thirteen year Eight The "Renmin University of China social and demographic teaching practice base" was completed in our hospital.

The whole campus is planned to be the five major functional areas of teaching and experimental training area, living area, sports area, continuing education and training area (national, provincial ag体育 and family planning professional education and training base) and ag体育 preservation and rehabilitation base (provincial ag体育 care integration demonstration base). The teaching and experimental training area is composed of library buildings, administrative buildings, teaching buildings and experimental buildings. The library building and the administrative building are located at the center of the central etiquette axis and combine with the main square of the campus to become the core area of the campus center. The teaching group and the core space are organically combined to form a new campus landmark building group. The new experimental training building on the west side has built up the whole campus teaching area. The living area is located on the southeast side of the campus, which is close to teaching experimentation area and sports area to facilitate students' life, study and inter school communication. The northeast side of the campus is divided into sports areas, mainly from basketballs and volleyball courts. Four hundred Meter standard track and field stadium, sports stand and gymnasium. The gymnasium is close to the main entrance of the campus and serves as a venue for sports activities, training and performance to facilitate the opening up to the outside world. The continuing education training area is located on the west side of the land, near the western entrance of the campus, and is relatively independent. The layout takes into account the convenience of external communication. The buildings are scattered, giving full consideration to the urban interface and image. We intend to take advantage of the world bank loan and actively seek support from superiors to build financing, introduce the management mode of professional team of service industry, and strive to create characteristic training centers. The ag体育 care and rehabilitation base is located on the east side of the land, and its environment is elegant and relatively independent. Mainly rehabilitation physiotherapy center and a number of elderly apartments, internal and external partition. The area is separated from the main functional areas by greening, so that it is closely linked and independent of each other. We intend to make full use of the advantages of Chizhou's regional advantages, transportation advantages, ecological environment, relying on the affiliated hospitals, with the support of nursing, rehabilitation therapy and geriatric service and management as the support. In accordance with the principles of policy guidance, government support and market promotion, we should adopt the cooperation mode of social capital joint-stock, and gradually build up the old-age care service, pension experience, ag体育 care leisure and real life. A comprehensive practical training base (ag体育 care and pension Experience Center), which combines practical training, personnel training and the development of the pension industry. The Institute focuses on developing strategic objectives and focuses on solving the problem of weak infrastructure, and implements a number of major construction projects in stages.

Today's Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy has entered the fast lane of development. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, the college will carry out the party's education and ag体育 policy in an all-round way, taking the moral education as the core, taking the connotation construction as the main line, the quality improvement as the theme, the characteristic development as the leading factor, and uphold the motto of "learning hard, being able to do well, doing well in industry and fraternity" and "stabilizing the scale, emphasizing the characteristics, strengthening the connotation, and building the standard". Train of thought and strive for the construction of distinctive high level vocational colleges. !