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Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy is a provincial public full-time full-time higher vocational college. Its predecessor was Wuhu hospital nursing school, founded in 1926. It has gone through the running stage of Wuhu ag体育 school, Chizhou ag体育 school, Anhui family planning school and so on. In March 2012, it was upgraded to the Anhui population Career Academy, and was officially included in the full-time full-time colleges and universities. In May 2017, it was approved by the provincial people's government and recorded by the Ministry of education. It was renamed Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy. It belongs to the Anhui provincial ag体育 and Health Committee. The Institute is an important personnel training, scientific research, vocational training and continuing education base for the national ag体育 and family planning industry and the big ag体育 industry. It has been awarded the provincial advanced vocational school, the national advanced group named by the Ministry of personnel and the national population and Family Planning Commission, the advanced unit awarded by the Anhui provincial population and Family Planning Commission, the 54 red flag League Committee of Anhui Province, and Chizhou first To the 8 civilized unit, Chizhou civilized unit pacesetter and so on. It is the second batch of personnel training base of BOE group, the teaching and practice base of social and demography of Renmin University of China, the national education and training base for occupational ag体育 and family planning, the "Anhui ag体育 and family planning professional education and training base", and the Ministry of education. 1+X Certification system pilot institutions

The college is located in the Education Park of Chizhou, Anhui province. Covering an area of 521 mu, the total area of the school building is 88 thousand square meters, and the total assets of teaching and research instruments and equipment are more than 2000 yuan. There are 12 multi-function classrooms, 60 standard multimedia classrooms, 10 multimedia laboratories, 200 standard computer rooms, 2 modern voice rooms, 1 150 electronic reading rooms and excellent courses recording rooms, 1 indoor stadium with 4000 square meters of construction area and 1 standard gymnasium of 4000 meters of plastic track. There are more than 24 volumes of paper books, and the storage volume of electronic books is 5324.8GB. The hospital has 8 in-house experimental training centers, including clinical nursing, basic nursing, midwifery, medical examination technology, rehabilitation treatment technology and social ag体育. There are 118 kinds of laboratories and 60 practical training bases outside the hospital. The college has a 100 bed affiliated hospital. It has a non directly affiliated hospital, a teaching hospital and 10 "two main sports people" cooperative hospitals. Among them, the rehabilitation hospital of Wuhu Province, the rehabilitation hospital, is the second batch of Anhui school enterprise cooperation demonstration base.

The Institute has 209 faculty members, 150 full-time teachers, 52 masters and above degrees, 36 senior and senior titles, 4 highly qualified teachers, 67 double quality teachers, and more than 260 professors, associate professors and industry experts in part-time part-time universities. There are 4 teaching teams at the provincial level, 3 excellent teachers at the provincial level, 2 famous teachers at the provincial level, 1 provincial professional leaders, 11 professional leaders at the school level, 4 teaching masters at the university level, and 14 14 backbone teachers at the university level.

The college has 5 nursing departments, namely, the nursing department, the ag体育 service department, the medical department and the basic department, and the ideological and political department. It offers nursing, midwifery, clinical medicine, medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, pharmacy, medical beauty technology, ophthalmology and light technology, drug administration and management, ag体育 management, geriatric service and management, social ag体育, public affairs management, and community. 15 professions, such as management and service. Among them, rehabilitation therapy technology is a national backbone professional, and nursing and social ag体育 is a central financial support for higher vocational schools to enhance the development capacity of professional service industry. In order to speed up training high-quality and skilled ag体育 and ag体育 professionals to meet the needs of the grass-roots level, the Institute has ag体育ed with several hospitals to develop "1+1+1" "double main sports talents" training in nursing, clinical medicine, medical imaging technology and rehabilitation technology.

In recent years, enrollment has been greatly improved, the quality of students has been steadily improved, and the structure of student resources has improved significantly. The Institute vigorously develops the employment market for graduates from both inside and outside the province, and establishes long-term contacts with employers in economically developed provinces such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. At the same time, it has long-term cooperation with labor and employment departments in various provinces and cities, and recommends two-way employment for graduates. The Institute has stepped up international cooperation, and has already established a directional employment course for Japanese nurses in collaboration with the Japanese Jing Jin company. In recent years, the initial employment rate of graduates is over 98%, which is well received by employers.

The college attaches great importance to the construction of campus culture and comprehensively improves the overall quality of students. Through the development of civilized cities, career planning and design competition, student skills competition, 5.12 nurses day, Art Festival and other activities, vigorously create a positive, ag体育y and lively campus culture atmosphere. At the same time, the college attaches great importance to the construction of student associations. The 17 associations, such as literature clubs, photographic societies and roller skating clubs, rely on mass activities to enrich students' extracurricular cultural life and improve their self-management and self-education ability.

As the tide rises, the sea is vast and the sky is wide, sailing is at that time. Over 90 years of hardships and hardships, Anhui ag体育 and ag体育 Career Academy has formed a unique fine tradition and accumulated precious spiritual wealth. All staff and students in the college are in full enthusiasm, in accordance with the development concept of "strengthening connotation, refining characteristics, building brand, upgrading the level, and innovating development", adhering to the motto of "learning by doing, doing well, doing well in industry, and fraternity", focusing on serving ag体育 and ag体育, focusing on serving the grass-roots level. Quality skilled talents strive to make the college a high skilled vocational college with distinctive features, influential industries and international cooperation in the province.

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